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Monster 797 Disappointment

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Kontiki, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. I’m opening myself up to a bombardment here but I’ve just test ride and 2nd hand Monster 797 and I’m walking away with a sense of disappointment. I ride a 620 i.e. from 2004 and i love it’s honesty and rawness. It clunks and rattles but pushing through the gears and winding up the revs is an adrenaline rush. I have to be on the money on the brakes and into the corners but on the windy’s it’s in its element and so am I. I feel like a rebel, on the run from the good guys, I could rob a bank and not feel guilty. But the 979. Hmmm. I feel like a middle aged man who wants to be a bit naughty in my new suede jacket and zip up gardening shoes. It’s benign! Too predictable, too smooth and nice. All the wrinkles have been ironed out, all the Staines shampooed out. All the fun diluted with fabric conditioner where greasy felt more uplifting. I can’t complain about anything on the 797. It’s a lovely ride, comfortable and enough power but it’s a pussy.

    So can any of you of superior knowledge enlighten me. What naked sports is out there that’s going to turn my head?
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  2. Try a 1200S or R monster, epic fun
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  3. S2r1000 or s4r both wonderful , engaging bikes more like your 620 but a step, or two, up in power.
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  4. I had a 797. Lovely looking thing but the low speed fuelling was dire, it nearly had me off a couple of times pulling out of junctions. And the front brake was very snatchy at lower speeds. Handled great at higher speeds.
  5. Thanks gents. That’s why I love this forum. There a spread on age range on these. Is there much difference (apart from condition/mileage).
  6. Yes I’d agree even for a short hour test ride.
  7. Thread moved
  8. You could have a 900ie engine put into your 620? You will find plenty of what you like just with more power. Especially if you switch the pistons for hi comp, add some V2 cams and a have the ECU flashed.

    Still if you wait a couple of months you will find all sorts of great buys as summer ends.
  9. Cheers Jez. Where would I find a 900 engine?
  10. M1100S.
    Grunty 2V motor, good handling, doesn’t look nasty, can be picked up for reasonable money.
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  11. 1098 Streetfighter - that will give you a smile if you want raw
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  12. And a new gearbox very 8k mikes ;)

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  13. eBay
  14. Theres two on eBay. Someone on here might have one, or probably someone on the UKMOC site will have one.
  15. Mines still going :upyeah: ok it’s only done 9k but it’s a handful of fun :blush:
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  16. Original M900 :)
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  17. How about a Hypermotard 1100. Fiesty machine
  18. If you're not bothered about brand you could try a Superduke R.
  19. ive rode a mates 848 SF , fully sorted in terms of Ktech suspension front and rear. Rode it while in austria last year in 25 degree heat, it was pin sharp, raw enough with the termi's etc. However, no wind protection from weather , bear in mind, Aside from that theyre a hoot !
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  20. I rode a 797 a few weeks ago, it’s a perfectly capable bike, I had no issues with the fuelling, handled nicely etc, but I felt it lacked character, it was a bit “sanitised” for me, give me an M900 any day!
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