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Monster Factory Colours

Discussion in 'Monster' started by bikemad, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. This bike is a Monster 900s(1998) that a mate recently refurbed and the paintwork is Factory and is called "hot metal". A bit out there but was a $3000aud option on top of the list price back in the day. This is the first I've ever seen but apparently there were about a dozen choices of special paint on offer. Anybody else seen the other paint options?


  2. I just started a thread in "Ducati Chat" with the options in it, it's called "Ducati Performance Catalogue"
  3. Were these factory upgrades or Auz importer Specials? Not seen them before...
  4. That would look great on the streets of Manchester this weekend!
  5. As per my post before yours, these were options in the Ducati Performance Catalogue, which there is a copy of in the thread that I started, the Monster stuff is near the end, page 232 to 236,do not, if you value your eyesight go further and look at the Monster Special.

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  6. Page 324 shows the selection :):upyeah:
  7. Beat me to my edit.
  8. Ducati make beautiful bikes but their paint/ graphics can be downright shite.
  9. Is it Pride weekend?
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  10. Thanks for that info, some weird paintjobs!
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