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Monster Gallery

Discussion in 'Monster' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Post your pictures and videos in here :cool::cool:
  2. I'll kick start things...




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  3. [​IMG]

    Not sure if this will work ! My little M400
    Saving to revamp him as he's in a poor state cosmetically but I love this bike too bits :)
    Called Barbazoo

    The Glittery one "Hector"

    Yes all my bikes have names :)

    I don't have much in life but these are my most precious items that are non human
    Sad but true .
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  4. Someone work in 'Design' by any chance?

  5. Hi Al what makes you think that ?
  6. Apart from the glitter bike......I recognise the colour sweeps on the door behind the bike, but I can't place where (I initially thought Perspective Signs).....besides, I'm involved in Design.

  7. I used to be .
    I now do similar but get a brief or a scribble and have to come up with a resource for children with comunication problems.
    I had to go on a PC .... I'm a mac girl :(

    The building is Suffolk College ... Although the logo bit kind of looks like the BT vans one!

    If your working in Design.. This will make you chuckle when I first started I had to use Lettraset!!
    Then went on to rely on typesetter while I drew with Rotring pens !!
    Not forgetting spray mount and wax rollers .
    Oh and the PMT camera ( ha de ha!! )

    Luckily things moved on!!!
    Now I work with pictures in my own office.
    I also was a apprentice lithographic printer for a while :)
  8. I worked in Wiltshire, London and Ipswich.
    I know quite a few places about still as my ex partner is still in the trade.
  9. What I do isn't really down the graphics route but I get involved in it........I'll PM you my website link.

  10. Hi HC nice to see pics of Hector and Barbazoo. I will try to post a pic of Gary in his Silver/blue then in the next few weeks his new look.(if i get him finished)
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  11. Oh do yes .. Better be some glitter or you will be made to stand in the naughty corner!!

    Al il have a peek.. Nothing wrong with any of that stuff but yes cleaning out bromide tanks was a horrible job :(
    mind you worst job I ever did as emergency cover wAs for Architects and printing out plan prints the ammonia made me feel sick as a dog.
    I used to paint out film as well :)
    All by hand.
    I should start painting again really .
  12. Now where do you think I first started work.........? (only ammonia wasn't even being used at that time...they were proper dyeline prints.......ammonia came a bit later!)

    And....'spotting out' films....what a horrible job.......and cutting the separations by hand with a scalpel using rubylith.

  13. That was one of my first jobs !!!! I used be able to design, camera ready artwork, shoot the film, opaque it out and rubylith it out and scapel out all the bits needed for platemaking and the foils to go over for platemaking, make the plate also check the plates for spots and flaws and delete all that out with pens and gels by hand.
    I could also print and finish work.
    Pre press and design used to be so tactile and hands a bit of an art compared to these days. I loved it!! I used to hand mix huge quantities of ink by hand with pallet knifed using a Pantone swatch!
    It's a lost art these days :( I loved it. I loved prepress. Used to loathe going to help in finishing as was mind numbing!
  14. I still use scalpels for hand cutting masking film for airbrush work.

  15. Best way... !
    I'd love to airbrush .
  16. It's easy on a flat surface......but I never explored the bike / helmets / car etc route.....too frightened of b*ggering up someone else's possessions I guess.

  17. I think i'd buy some cheap sounds daft but old lids and bits and have a go on those .
    I really love sounds odd some of the bowling pin art. Where artists paint , airbrush or pinstripe the big wooden bowling alley pins.
  18. heres my 2009 696 with sc-projects, great sound.



  19. 1998 monster bought in September 2011 as a basket case, now fully painted and assembled with a few home fabricated bits
    Click on bottom pic for a listen.:smile:
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  20. whoa, sounds flippin fantastic!!!
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