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For Sale Monster M900

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Stox, Jan 13, 2020.

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  1. Thinking of selling my first year monster, getting very hard to find now (in fact I havent seen another for sale in the 3-4 years I've owned this one).
    It has the yellow suspension strut and you can play hunt the elephant with all the Cagiva logos.

    Note: The engine paint is very scabby.

    Mileage around 15k, need to check tonight.

    Bit of a run down.
    Nitron rear shock with black spring (the turquoise upsets my OCD) and MCT have rebuilt the forks
    Front brake callipers rebuilt with genuine Brembo seals
    New braided brake lines
    Belts, oil and filter done in May
    Carbs ultra-sonically cleaned and rebuilt Feb 2019
    Just under £500 spent end of May setting up the carbs and various other bits Inc. Dyno jet kit (carbs still not perfect) and Oberon clutch slave
    Sil Moto exhausts, these are lovely and probably the best exhausts I've owned
    Fuel filter replaced last year
    K&N air filter, again serviced last year
    Pilot Road 3 tyres, loads of life in them
    Wheels powder coated new bearings etc.
    Cylinder head bolts replaced prior to my ownership have the receipt

    You'll notice it’s not the original fuel tank, I've been on the hunt for an original for years, found one, no dents, great condition, needs a small bit of paint/lacquer. However, I prefer the newer Ducati logo so have left it on the bike for now.

    I have lots of other bits that’ll come with the bike – original exhausts & shock, new Ducati chain & sprockets, original brake lines etc.

    I'd like £3.6k for it.
    Located in Bedfordshire, close to the M1.

    2017-03-09 16.49.56.jpg

    2017-03-10 14.39.14.jpg

    2017-03-10 14.35.42.jpg

    2017-03-10 14.35.35.jpg

    2017-03-10 14.35.29.jpg

    2017-03-09 16.50.04.jpg
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  2. Cracking looking bike GLWS
  3. Thanks.
    I appreciate the price may seem a little salty to some but try to find another, without its tail docked etc.
    I've loved this bike, it needs to be used though, hence the sale.
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  4. If I were you I’d put as much of it back to original as possible ie tank, clutch cover etc and you might get the £4K
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  5. Thankfully we don't all view houses the way some view bikes. Obvious & benificial improvements needing to be removed prior to sale. Madness.
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  6. Very true, but bike and car buyers are far more fickle - I think the bike looks really good but mine was as it left the factory and I can see the differences straight away, if I was buying I'd be happy with what is being offered but that's just me.

    GLWS Stox :upyeah:
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  7. worth putting on the UKMOC forum if you haven't already
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  8. Price drop - £3.6k
  9. I’m not sure it’s fickle in all cases.

    I think some folk use it as leverage like, oh it’s standard with no glitter=worth less money


    Oh you’ve updated it that’s a pity I wanted a standard one.

    You just can’t please everyone especially when they’re levering the price down. Everyone wants to feel they got a bargain just bragging rights.
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  10. A nice bike with some useful mods and all the standard kit with it so the new owner can make the choice of how they want it. True you could make more if it was all standard and mint. I would buy it if I didn't already have one.:) Good luck with the sale.:upyeah:
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  11. Bikes like this with a few small, good mods make as much as standard one imho. And normally sell quicker.
  12. Is your bike still for sale, is yes ping me an email om [email protected]
  13. Not sold but deal changed, can you delete this thread to avoid confusion.
  14. Done for you
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