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For Sale Monster S4rs - 4500 Miles -sold

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Rman, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. 07 Monster S4RS with Full Termi (decat) pipes, DP hugger, heel guards, exhaust cover, clutch pressure plate and guard. R&G crash bungs. S/S engine fasteners.

    New battery, fuel filter, very recent service with new belts and new MOT.

    Datatool S3 alarm, full history folder, books and spare keys, excellent condition, any inspection, rides superbly, engine smooth with loads of torque a real monster and priced to sell at

    S4RS 001.jpg S4RS 003.jpg S4RS 004.jpg S4RS 006.jpg S4RS 007.jpg S4RS 008.jpg S4RS 009.jpg S4RS 010.jpg S4RS 011.jpg S4RS 002.jpg
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  2. Classic in the making
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  3. Already made it!
  4. I remember bringing home my new S4rs and going into a fast corner then suddenly realising it doesn’t have a duel swing arm!
  5. I don't get it !!!!!!
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  6. Not just me then.
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  7. Kinda like realising your rear wheel is only connected to the test of the bike on one side, new bike, mid corner.
    It was a new experience for me at the time, is all.
  8. Ah, the single sided swingarm mind f***

    Never had that as my 1st bike was a VFR400 NC30
  9. Noooooooooo! And the forks are upside down!
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  10. That was my first bike too. Fluorescent orange and white, OKI racing colours. Needed sun glasses :D
  11. Bump and open to offers!
  12. Lovely looking bike, glws
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