1200 More Power?

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  1. So I know the multi 1200 is a restricted 1198 engine

    How is it restricted, has anyone derestricted it and if so how?
  2. Short of expensive major engine work the best you can hope for is to let the engine realise it's potential power. Cheapest way to do this is to bin the standard exhaust and fit a decent decat system. Then I suggest you have the ECU reprogrammed to clean up the running. These two mods will automatically release more power ( mine rose from 143 to 151hp at the back wheel) and beef up the mid range. If you need any more than this in your Multi then you probably need a different bike!
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  3. I've got a decat pipe and a mivv end can on it

    I was just curious as to how it was restricted more than anything, I've had bikes that have been restricted versions of something else and it's usually easy to do
  4. Think its the motor rather than just mapping, probably airbox too. No idea if an 1198 sbk engine would drop in tho... @Nelson may have an idea as he has just put a multi in a 916 and had done that before with a 1098
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  5. Think de-tuned rather than restricted.
    Unfortunately there's no convenient valve or bung that can be pulled to produce more power.
    Lower compression, different valve overlap timing, less harsh cams....Blah de blah blah.
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  6. The main difference from the 1198 (in the pre-DVT Multistrada) is that the valve timing has been changed, with the overlap reduced to 11 degrees. This makes the engine smooth and tractable at low revs, at the cost of some reduction in power at the top end. Fuel injection and ignition maps etc are obviously tuned to suit.

    In the case of the DVT Multistrada, valve overlap is variable thus giving the best of both worlds.

    Since Ducati went to a great deal of trouble, expense, and complication to achieve all this for the Multistrada, it would be amazingly perverse now to go to a lot more trouble, expense, and complication to reverse the process and end up with an 1198 superbike engine - which was the starting point.
  7. That's
    That's the answer is was looking for, knew someone would know
    I've had bikes with restricted/detuned versions of another engine and it can be easy to get the power back up.

    But yea, ducati have basically made it impossible

    Thank you for that answer
  8. Not that impossible, surly all they did to alter the valve timing was re profile the cam lobes from the 1198. may be get a set of 1198 camshafts? It might be as easy as that, if it is then whats to stop you getting a high performance set of cams off a race version of the 1198. a new engine map and hey ho the front wheel would become even more redundant than it is now on the mutly.
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  9. get a panigale and bin the clip ons fit hi handlebars and away you go ;.0
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