1098 Mosfet Regulator Installation

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  1. one early sign that could mean (O.E.M.) Regulator is about to fail is dashboard lights flickering on and off, usually when bike has warmed up/been running 10 mins or more.
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  2. That MOSFET regulator looks the same as is standard on my ZX10R, even the same connectors.
  3. More than likely but we'er talking Ducati electrics here :joy: Andy
  4. The ones installed on Ducatis produce higher quality electrickery. Everybody knows that. :thinkingface:
  5. Apologies if I'm asking a question that's been asked before'
    Re regulators, I'm rebuilding my 1098s and the connectors for the regulator are fried. While I could replace the connectors I wanted to ask if anyone has any advice on the regulator, should I replace it as I've read in a few places it's a known weak link.
    Then what should I replace it with, are MOSFET reg's OK with std battery or should I go for a Li (the battery needs replacing too)
  6. if you have fried connectors already then Regulator replacement would be a matter of course for me because it will already have almost certainly been working overtime as a result of the problem be it high-resistance in loom/connectors or regulator itself. You can replace the std regulator with a Shindengen Mosfet equivalent with no need to upgrade anything else. You can pick them up (you need the short "Triumph" lead ideally) as a kit new for around £120 approx but I have used 3 secondhand so far for around £30 (plus £20 for above loom).
    There are many places you could choose to fit it, and moving to a cooler site (as Rob above) is a popular one but you will need a bespoke longer loom for that route. You can fit it in almost the same place as std by using a D.I.Y. shadow/adaptor plate. As you already have damaged connectors then this might lend itself to mounting in a cooler place as above, as you have to replace connectors (and possibly melted loom?) anyway.
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  7. Will PM you about a regulator
  8. If you go for a UK manufactured MOFSET type from Electrex World https://www.electrexworld.co.uk/ you will still find they will not warranty their units if used with a Lithium Battery - this is due to what the industry calls 'Thermal Events'
    I would consider re siting into better airflow if you really wanted a Lithium Battery too...
  9. Having read some of the other posts today on Litium batteries I think I'll not go there. Already got my hands full putting the bike back together which has ended up as a "nut and bolt" rebuild
  10. Look what you've done @Exige You've scared Jonesy. :(
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  11. It's a very emotive subject apparently :thinkingface: some daren't even read the posts :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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