Most Disappointing Album.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Alan williams, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Don’t know how many people on here still buy albums but what has been or is your most disappointing album purchase and why ?

    First 2 that spring to mind for me are;

    Melon Collie and the infinite sadness by The Smashing Pumpkins, bought after hearing ‘zero’ didn’t like the rest of the album.


    Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, basically I believed the hype, but couldn’t stay awake through the whole album.
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  2. You're going to Hell, son. On both counts.

    My suggestion, Sticky Fingers, and all subsequent albums, by the Rolling Stones.
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  3. Sorry, Zero is one of my all time favourite tracks, but the rest of the album.......

    Be honest - Dark side of the moon is really boring.

    Agree about the stones though.

    (Love the music threads, must think of more)
  4. After anything Dylan has done, Dark side might be the greatest album ever, go wash your mouth out Sir!
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  5. Eponymous by Scarlet Rivera.
    I still like the violin part on Dylan’s ‘Desire’, but I only tried listening to her album once!
  6. I’m assuming you are bing ironic. As everything Dylan did was dull as ditchwater
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  7. If I am brutally honest, DSotM has a slightly disappointing track called "Money" on it. I mean, it's OK but compared to the *inspired* rest of the album, it's quite ordinary.

    Now go and wash your philistine ears out : o )
  8. Most dissapointing album? both my wedding ones
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  9. Dark side of the moon ..... brilliant!!
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  10. I will have you beat on both of yours by both of mine.

    Trust me on this : o D
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  11. Not keen on Dark Side either. Loved the early stuff prior to it but when it was released it was everywhere, even supermarkets played it. Killed it dead for me. As for the alarm clocks, I made a tape and edted them out.
    Saw Floyd play dark side at the Rainbow 6 months before it came out.
  12. I prefer pre-DSotM Floyd, I have to say. Especially the Barrett stuff.

    I don't personally consider Dark Side to be the high-water point of their career but it is a terrific, a great, album.
  13. To be fair I found LM5 by Little Mix a bit disappointing.
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  14. Ok I agree to the Dylan thing, but could say the same for others ( Bros anyone ?)

    I thought my views on DSOTM might not go down well.

    Perhaps I should get it out of the way now, I also don’t like at all;

    Tubular bells
    War of the worlds
    Anything by the Beatles or David Bowie
    I will admit there’s some good Lennon and Macartney songs done by others though.
    Red hot Chille Peppers.
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  15. Sure just delete them :upyeah:
  16. Blocked and Reported. Too much heresy is too much.
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  17. Blimey.

    Dark sides popular with others.

    I don’t like early floyd.

    I liked the final cut
    And Roger Waters solo albums, particularly Radio KAOS
  18. I bet ‘the smashing pumpkins’ has never been written on this forum in a sentence, good on you ! ...
    Anything they wrote after the amazing Siamese dream album was always going to fall short.
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  19. Siamese Dream was good but Gish is the high point.
  20. Anything by Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones or Queen