Most Disappointing Album.

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  1. Perhaps this thread should have been about a few things like,

    Bands that are popular that I hate.
    Bands I love that have produced an album I hate.
    Bands that have gone downhill.

    It’s all personal opinion of course, which I think makes it more fun / interesting to discuss.
  2. You misspelled, "everything they ever thought of doing but haven't gotten around to yet".
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  3. Nope.

    You meant, "albums that you may have expected, for whatever reason, to be good or great but turned out not to be". It's a good premise for a thread and I am interested in what comes of it.

    Of course, then you jumped the shark and started babbling like a crazy fecker about DSotM. Nevertheless, it's a good idea for a thread.
    Back to business.

    After the extraordinary, the truly stellar "First Base" by Babe Ruth in 1972, they released the utterly ordinary and pedestrian "Amar Caballero" in 1974. This is exactly what happens when you knock the ball out of the park with your first album and party hard, until starvation forces you into releasing your second.
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  4. Babe Ruth was sampled on The Dirtchamber sessions by prodigy... Track 3 :)
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  5. I think you're the first Mariah fan I've encountered. I knew they were out there.... somewhere!
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  6. Adding everything by Oasis is the same as adding all the other music you don't like (and possibly cyclists) into the bag... agree it's one you bought as the previous were good/ believed the hype/ liked the single and the b side etc....
  7. Fair enough.

    Know what you mean about second albums, the soundtrack for high school musical 2 was rubbish compared to 1
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  8. Yes, my original intention was ‘I like music from this band, but album X is crap’
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  9. "Encore" (2004) by Eminem. Very poor and disappointing.
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  10. I like Eminem, but not sure about his albums. The swearing gets boring after a while
  11. He's starting to look like chuck norris's love child lately with the dyed beard
  12. "We Can't Dance" (1991), Genesis.
    Prior to its release, the signs were there for all to see but still, this one was a disappointment. As was "Calling All Stations" (1997), a Genesis album in name only.
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  13. The Marshall Mathers LP was his best imho.
  14. I won't argue with that although a case can be made for "The Slim Shady LP".

    I have a soft spot for The Eminem Show though, a friend of mine and I still quote it to each other. I crack her up with my rendition of Superman : o D
  15. Tried to resist but can’t.

    Genesis would probably be top of my overrated bands list.
    Phil Collins churned out the same old crap time after time.

    ( I’m going to regret this aren’t I :))
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  16. Not really.

    Peter Gabriel Genesis was far superior to Phil Collins Genesis, although the band managed a few really good albums after PG left. Trouble was, Tony ShowMeTheMoney Banks wanted singles, fame and cash, so the band started tanking, quality-wise. Loser.
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  17. Agreed I have them both as well....or did have until my daughter commandeered them a couple of years ago.

    She came to visit and was all excited about this rapper she had just started listening to (Eminem). I went and fetched my CD collection and she was disappointed to find her old Dad had all his albums!
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  18. "Year 2000: Codename Hawkwind - Volume 1" (1972) by Hawkwind. A controversial release amongst fans, I gather.
    The set list was to die for, it had the author Michael Moorcock on the stage doing some of the vocals, you can picture in your mind the dancing girls doing their thing ...

    What went wrong? The sound quality. It sounds like it was recorded by placing a baked bean tin on an outside wall, then broadcast on AM radio and recorded on a Sanyo portable radio-tape recorder on the cheapest cassette imaginable. And then cloned on your mates tape player. Disappointing.
  19. I seem to remember bring me the head of yuri gagarin had a similar problem ?
  20. Very possibly. I do not have that album, I tend to avoid "Live" releases these days.