Most Disappointing Album.

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Alan williams, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. I don’t buy so much now.
    Like the what music thread on here, get some ideas from there though.

    How do you buy your music now ?
    Vinyl ?
    CDs ?
    MP3 ?
  2. CDs and MP3/FLAC. No time or patience for vinyl - or vinylophiles : o )
  3. I tend to get MP3s

    Wonder how long the current revival of vinyl will last, people will soon realise / find out its a lot of faffing about
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  4. I love Genesis with or without Gabriel. Tony Banks is a pretty good keyboard player and writes some good songs, but he does seem to be a miserable SOB and the sort of person you'd hate to be stuck in a lift with.
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  5. “The Man from Utopia” and anything after that by Frank Zappa...apart from stuff recorded before but released after.
    TMFU really is embarrassingly awful....should have realised when “Ship Arriving...” arrived that a big slide was going down.
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  6. That inspired me to look at the Zappa albums chronologically and decide you are right. I’d never looked at it like that just always thought Zappa was hit or miss for me.
    By the way, You are what you is. What an album.
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  7. Talking of Zappa

    I bought the Steve Vai album passion and warfare, not sure what I was expecting but didn’t like it.
  8. And that is his best album IMO. And you are right about Zappas YAWYI, a cracking album as is his social commentary in general. I also highly rate "Strictly Commercial"
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  9. Apostrophe was my favourite.

    "and I hit him in the eye with a lead filled snow shoe...….. and he said urgh"
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  10. I need to listen again I think, been a long while.
    All the Zappa stuff I have (had) was vinyl and cassettes. Will have to buy them again
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  11. I had vinyl originally then bought CD years later and eventually downloaded...…still crackers!
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  12. Yes, think I need to start downloading.
    Especially good to listen to going to and from work to cheer me up.
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  13. One Size Fits All - superb album, but then so many of Zappa's albums are.

    I was actually going to post up TMFU but @RickyX beat me to it!
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  14. Sweet Felicity Arkwright.You just cant stop,can you?The best band I have ever seen .(I didnt see Floyd,sadly)
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  15. Such a shame - as his daughter turned out OK!
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  16. Sorry, I did wonder if I should keep my mouth shut.
    For pure entertainment the best band I have seen live was, Slade.

    I know, perhaps I can learn from her.
  17. You're just trolling at this stage : o D

    Perhaps. By now, I am willing to try anything.
  18. I do try to be open minded, but struggle with some genres.
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  19. The Pogues - peace and love.
  20. Interested to know other people’s thoughts on AC/DC after Bon Scott ?