Motogp free stream using ipad app

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  1. Ok it's in German but following the shite I watched earlier using a web browser streamer it's bloody good quality coverage and no Melanie sykes or James 'thunderbird' toseland to cringe at.

    Download 'livemediaplayer' from the App Store and in the top right you can do a search, just enter Motogp and it's live now.
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  2. To confirm it's brilliant coverage, as good as my sky go app so I'm going to check you can mirror it to the big screen later and will report back
  3. Yep, mirrors fine :)

    MotoGP back on the big screen, das iz gud ya
  4. How do you mirror it to the TV
    Just tried it on iPhone and all good.
  5. I've got an ipad / iPhone hdmi adapter


    The app keeps asking me to upgrade to pro but when I do it freezes so will bugger around with that later, so far me and my baby daughter are learning German and watching the qualifying quite happily , it'll do for now :)
  6. Cheers mate
  7. Its like a crocodile cathcphrase right now lol

    Thx for the heads up, will try and remenber to view romorrow.
  8. Great spot.. Downloaded the app and it's working well. Can't wait 'til tomorrow night... Sense it's going to be a great season... Cheers
  9. FYI

    You upgrade to pro via registering first on the left hand side menu and then I think you go to in app purchasing

    It cost £2.50 or something and it'll get rid of the ad bar at the top
  10. The app has two streams running in English right now direct from BT sport hd 2, again type in motogp and the English ones are towards the bottom of the list with today's date
  11. I keep getting timed out.
  12. Yeh I got stern from BT sport in English. Time out banner was annoying but kept pressing it and soon disappeared. Still managed to watch entire race. Well chuffed and saved me seeing result on bloody Facebook or some thing.
  13. If it times out the best solution is to physically close the app (double tap home button and swipe up to clear it)

    Then restart the app and it'll buffer fine
  14. I had to turn my ipad off and on to clear it, tbh it started to feck me off a lot and had buffering issues for most of the last 7 laps! But useful all the same :)
  15. Is there an app for android?
  16. Thanks, it's a brilliant app. It's usually on local TV here in Abu Dhabi, sometimes the commentary is in English and sometimes in Arabic (don't understand a word). Unfortunately, at other times, it's camel racing instead. This is awesome.
  17. Well just watched all the moto2 and GP race again via this app, ok you might have to close the stream and restart occasionally but oddly not during the actual races.

    That's 2 for 2 :)
  18. I did give you my BT sport password wally!
  19. And very useful it was today too ;)