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Motorcycle Live Nec November 2023

Discussion in 'Rideouts & Events' started by Android853sp, Oct 27, 2023.

  1. Yep, Im 5'11" and found it fine, it reminded me of my R6. Didn't sit on the 600 as a comparison, but I liked it enough to think about how I could fit one in my garage.
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  2. very underwhelmed with the ducati stand. the rest of the show was ok; got good discount on a new Shoei Air GT3 :upyeah:
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  3. Fieldsheer anyone...:astonished:
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  4. In contrast the BMW stand was excellent.
    On the Ducati stand I enquired as to why the RS and PP were not there to view, their reply implied that they don't need to bring the high end models to the show as "they sell themselves" they already have 130 orders for the RS from people "upgrading" from the PP, they tend to concentrate on their bread and butter models, you know, like the Panigale V4R which was proudly on display. Apparently if I wanted to view the RS I should have gone to EICMA :bucktooth:. Disappointingly complacent attitude imo :rolleyes:
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  5. Yeah that sucks. Maybe the RS wasn’t there as people would realise how overpriced it is, and cancel their orders?!
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  6. For anyone going we can recommend the Barrel and Stone BBQ Chicken pizza; come outside the main hall and follow the Weatherspoons signs. Room to sit down comfortably unlike the outlets inside.

    Ducati stand okay but missing some bikes as others have said, BMW the best stand so far and the off road riding demonstration is excellent.
  7. It’s very small…

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  8. Been today. It has to be said that the Chinese manufacturers are catching up the rest of the world at a very rapid rate. CK Moto, Zontes, Benelli.

    The quality of fit, finish and parts is very good.
    New Mono Hyper is very nice.
    Liked the new Yamaha MT09 SP.

    Some of the new smaller bikes are excellent value - Honda Hornet, Triumph Scrambler 400, Royal Enfield Himalayan.
    I do think Ducati need to have a rethink of where they are going. Less limited edition models that will sit in someone’s collection and never be used and more bikes that people can afford and buy.
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  9. IMG_3130.jpeg Bike of the show is the Langen again. IMG_3134.jpeg
  10. Recently got back home after a detour to avoid the M40 which was solid between the Silverstone and A34 junctions. Had a really enjoyable day, ran into a few people we knew, had a laugh at James Whitam interviewing Peter Hickman and 2 other young TT/Supersport riders …….. and bought some stuff. Probably shouldn’t have drunk quite so much beer in the Premier Inn last night but it's all part of the enjoyment :joy: Andy
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  11. I’m very interested in the Scrambler 400
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  12. I've ordered one for my French house garage. Delivery in January all being well.
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  13. Let us know what you think of it when it arrives
  14. Been there today, had a good day out, saw some nice bikes, I liked the Bayliss rep on the Ducati stand

    Oh yeah, also met Mr Fogarty too :D

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  15. I wouldn’t mind a test ride on the zx400rr when it’s available.
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  16. agreed! I imagine they will be in dealers soon
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  17. I would like to see this on the lower spec ZX10.....
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  18. that’s interesting… have they not done it on the stock bike? That smacks of trying to shift stock
  19. They had a competition with about 15 or so colour schemes, top 3 were chosen, that is one of them, that bike is the ZX10RR, priced at £27k, whereas, a standard ZX10R is £17k

    Not sure if the three colour schemes will show up on the lower end bikes or not, I will have to talk to my local dealer

    At first, when I saw it kn the Club Kawasaki magazine, I wasn't too sure about it, but, after seeing it, it's kinda growing on me
  20. £27k is a total joke….
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