1200 DVT Multimedia And Phone Connection

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  1. Sean Behave
  2. Bit of a luddite question here I'm afraid but here goes. I've just got myself a Neotec helmet and a Sena 10u with Tomtom 410 to go with it. My question is which is better, to connect through the bikes Bluetooth or ignore it and connect directly to one another, what are the advantages of either if any ? thanks.
  3. Gave up with the multi app ages ago never links to bike now :(

    Shame, I want to see how much power its making ;) :lol:
  4. 170+ in'it :upyeah:
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  5. Have connected the SRC Pro (Scala Cardo G4) to the DMC using the GPS methodology:
    With.the.SRC-System™.turned.ON,.press.and.hold.the.Volume Up.Button.for.at.least.six.seconds.until.the.Red.and.Blue.Lights.begin.flashing.simultaneously"
    After pairing process is completed, it connects and I hear the voice confirming GPS connected.
    Have tried Streaming music from Android S7 or Windows phone and I hear no interruptions even 3/4 meters away from Bike, all commands works. will test this set up on a Sunday ride but looks promising
  6. Aldo someone was asking bluetooth profiles from the DMC. While paring it streams the following A2DP, HFP, AVRCP.
    My assumptions is that interruptions are coming from A2DP while connecting using GPS set up only streams using HFP but not an expert

  7. Mine started working last time out connecting to the multi app. Seems a timing thing..
  8. No While riding even in this set up the streaming of music breaks...
  9. Assuming I wanna hear music, I can just use any stand alone portable music player that has a bluetooth connection?
    Or do I need some special specification? Or special software on the device?

    And no, I dont wanna connect my smartphone to the bike...