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For Sale Multistrada 1200

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Boomshanka, Jul 31, 2019.

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  1. My multistrada 2013 (1200 not S) is just sitting there gathering dust so as I have been offered a cheap winter bike I am seriously considering selling it, I bought it from P&H in either feb or march, it has whats left of the years ducati warranty, it had done 8k but now has 11 something k, I think I payed just under £8k so would be hoping for £6.5k if that sounds achievable? open to being told if thats way off?

    I have added engine bars and clear vinyl stuff to the painted bits, also front wheel nut mushroom thingies?, the bars and the stickers were done by Pro V-Twins, this cost around £500 but could be easily removed.

    I have a lovely mint top give box and ducati side boxes, the side boxes are matching of course and also have the clear stickers, these are currently in my garage, I have removed the back foot pegs so a current photo is difficult

    oh and its not red, sorry :(

    Oh oh and I just put a new £200 tyre on the back due to a puncture (Angel something)

    Figured I would put it on here to see if you guys are interested before going to fleabay

    I was offered £4.5k for PX from a dealer but would rather keep it than sell it for that as its perfect, just not being used as I have a new love, would be a shame to use as a winter bike as I had planned as I would probably ruin it.

    ill wash it and send a new pic when I get the chance

    Its lovely (in my opinion hehe)
  2. it was bought in feb as I just found my first post, this is the photo from P&H with the boxes attached

  3. Its in Redhill Surrey

    Sorry I'm rubbish at this
  4. GLWS, a lot of bike for the money.
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  5. Hi

    Ok, I have a buyer at £6k but not until October, no interest at £6.5k so dropping price to £6,250 as I have my eye on a bike and don't really want to wait until Oct as I will miss it, if I can't sell it for this ill wait till October booooooo!
  6. Is it still available?
  7. Sorry sold
  8. Thread closed then
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