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For Sale Multistrada 1200s Touring 2018 - 882 Miles -as New.

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by Grebetow, Jan 8, 2019.

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  1. Mine is 27" and I manage too... but I think the heavy set helps (compresses bike)...
  2. As I said I shall try one the next time I am at a dealer. Trouble is that dealers are few and far between around here.
    Could have tried it at the Milan or NEC shows, but they just look too tall, and I don't have the weight to compress the suspension much.
  3. Skyhook is awesome, not just that it handles almost any type of ride, but at the click of a switch you can have a mode set for low height because you can have min preload, min compression etc which means it’s lower in the seat and when getting on it will compress quite far too.

    @MaDProFF is probably similar height to me, probably half my weight (!) and manages fine even when all loaded up.

    A show will give you no idea whatsoever as to its suitability for you. Get and ride one :upyeah:
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  4. Would love to get and and ride one, but as said dealers are few and far between down here.
    It would be hard to replace the Supersport 939 which is a great solo lightweight tourer.
  5. Bob T as Bradders said it really is ok, I am 5'6" maybe 7 on a good day, although I do wear Daytona boots that add a bit, but both feet touch the ground to the balls of the feet, weight is quite low, suspension does not compress much anyhow on sky hook, unless you really adjust it to, but you do not need to.

    The difference is on the 2015 Twin Spark that was tall for me and I dropped it once, and few other times really really close, though by time I have had it for a while I got pretty good at balancing, on a 2015 DVT never had a close one at all height difference to ground is huge.
  6. [QUOTE="Grebetow, post: 1270425, member: 40468"
    I think £13K is very very low, and I certainly would not sell for less than about £14.5K. There are a few on Ebay around these sort of prices, but all are older, or don't have the spec, or have covered 5000 miles, or all of the above. There are very few on Autotrader to compare prices. There is nothing at all out there with the spec/age/miles that mine has.

    I don't think 13k is low, the grey is the least desirable colour, theres a red s on the bay with 1400 miles, several extras and OE fogs for £12495 and he will take less https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223322401394
  7. You are trying to sell at the worst time of year and the temperature is about to plummet, as is the interest in this sort of bike... If you can advertise for the Easter Weekend.
  8. warranty wise does it have the option of the red extendable warranty !

    I'm in the market for a multi and had been looking @ 1260
  9. The bike on Ebay is not comparable to mine at all.

    It is 7 months older on a '17 plate (rather than '18) and has almost twice the mileage. My warranty does not expire until March 2020. Mine also has Datatag, which I have neglected to mention thus far.

    The bike does not have 'several' meaningful extras; apart from the spots, it doesn't have anything that mine does not, and doesn't have panniers, top box, tank bag, pannier liner bags, R&G sliders etc. etc. etc. I say again that there is nothing at all out there with the spec/age/miles that mine has.

    The colour is, of course, subjective. When I purchased the bike, SMC also had a red one and I chose the grey because I much prefer it and, in my opinion, it is understated, looks much classier and suits this bike much more than red. Most Ducatis look fantastic in red, but the Multistrada is very unlike most Ducatis.

    Just my opinion
    , as I say - don't all shout at me!!!!

    I have no idea re the warranty.

    Suggest you buy the bike on Ebay mate, and add all the extras!!
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  10. Ducati Ever Red Warranty can only be purchased a the time of buying the new bike...
  11. Oh, I thought it was 6 months from registration and only by the original purchaser.
  12. I could not get a WTY for my 15 DVT and on my 17DVT and Scrambler 1100 - dealers (both) said time of purchase... may have changed in last 6 months .. but thats how it was in the UK...
  13. What this thread illustrates is you lose a huge chunk of money when you buy a new bike and try to sell it when it under a year old. Also , as most on this forum know this; then unless you are selling an absolute bargain, then this is not the place to sell, as the members are pretty clued up on what is good value. All makes of bikes will lose value, but the more you spend (eg a Ducati) the more you lose.
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  14. I think that it also points out that what an owner things is a great selling point is not what a buyer wants.
    A bike with 700 miles on it is no more desirable than one with 10,000 on it for me as I tend to average over 600 miles a month. Any bike that has only done short journeys is to be avoided IMHO.
    Having a top box and some R&G stuff might be just what the original owner wanted but would not be worth anything to someone like me, the top box would be the first thing that I remove.
  15. Just looking at the Ducati warranty their website says the following.

    Factory Ever Red is Ducati’s official extension available for purchase within 30 days from buying a motorbike

    Ever Red is the warranty extension allowing to extend the coverage period by 12, 24 or 36 months in addition to the 2 years already provided by the Ducati Warranty. You may decide to buy it starting from the second month after purchasing your motorcycle up until the end of the Ducati Warranty (2 years)

    So you can buy the warranty if you wanted to from what I can see on the website
  16. Short guys just take heed. The 1200s skyhook models suspension only works when switched on. I say this because some may sit on one at dealers & think it is too high for them. Switched off the suspension is solid. So will not compress.
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  17. Hence trying one at a bike show is useless
  18. :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
  19. Ive learnt the hard way, never buy the latest greatest without warranty, the Ever Red is a great add-on to aid selling a bike .
  20. From what I understand these are two very different policies. the first is an extension of the factory warranty with a few caveats. The second is an insurance type warranty that will pay the dealer to fix your bike, it'll certainly have more exceptions than the first, though being endorsed by Ducati you would expect it to not be unreasonable in this respect. Ask your dealer for full details and sample policy documents, maybe they are on the Ducati website? There maybe cheaper insurance based warranties out there with the same level of cover.
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