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Multistrada Gallery

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Don't know what Ducati were thinking when they decided on beige, but it works.

    Nice bike fella.
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  2. In between the Wrynose and Hartside passes, we had to stop to unclench our buttocks...

    IMG_7835.JPG IMG_7833.JPG
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  3. It’s so you can hide in the desert...

    They’ve just brought out a new line of complimentary clothing too... pic below
  4. F258B221-4D4F-4BF3-9749-043EDE24FDFA.jpeg
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  5. This bike will get me fired! Supposed to be working from home but 2hr lunch breaks becoming the norm when the sun is out and I have fuel in the tank! Nearly 12k and still can’t put thing machine away!

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  6. New chain and sprockets today 1EF65843-315F-48F1-B9C3-6DA6408D0A3B.jpeg 23ACCDA3-3E7A-429A-BD7D-A9D99F6E84D5.jpeg
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  7. Finally picked her up

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