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Multistrada Gallery

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Rob, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. What bike? Can’t see anything.
    It’s camouflaged! :yum
  2. Good move leaving the red on the frame, so that people will know you are not riding a tree:p
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  3. It’s the spice of life apparently.
  4. Evening solstice
    No I’m in Surrey along with one of my mates my other mate lives in Bournemouth
  5. Ah ok, there was a group similar to yours parked up in Marlborough hHigh st, I was admiring the PP
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  6. DSC_0212.JPG

    My 1260S last week, recently added the GT decals from Vulture Graphics, I think it breaks up the expanse of white panels nicely

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  7. That looks awesome, Red!
  8. As a 2020 GT owner, I must admit, the decals are very nice. I just wish they had colour options for the GT model.
  9. They’ll do whatever colour you want. Ask.
  10. I did a similar (but simpler) scheme on mine but asked them to do grey and red. I also added the little Italian flags from the GT
    @Red Ceri I removed the spare vinyl around the 'Multistrada' lettering, but I see you left yours on...

  11. I did mine last year, and they’re still stuck on in place ;)

    EA45A3D1-8691-4B2E-9690-523DC9979BF9.jpeg 924F8C1F-0967-4655-B40C-DFD8CE4E4A03.jpeg
  12. I really need to get round to getting my belly pan powder coated... Looks so much better! Specially since I've got the front downpipe guard from Evo Tech
  13. And it was your post that inspired me!
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  14. Here’s mine...


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  15. My full termi pipes don't look anywhere near that clean, I need to get them properly scrubbed and cleaned up again.
  16. Out of interest, how do you keep them that clean?
  17. Boxhill standard picture at viewpoint

  18. I live in Southern California and don’t ride in the rain.
  19. So that’s where I’m going wrong!
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