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  1. M7rr are what il fit next. I’m used to 2000 miles max from sports bikes
  2. DB580C0F-36B6-4776-8742-4D9277EAB501.jpeg Here is a pic of the front S21. Not quite all the way to the edge, the Angel GTs get to the edge on the front easier than M7RR or the S21s
  3. The M7RR are really good but they do turn in very fast.
  4. I like fast tip in. Used to panigales. They all wear to the edge on the rear tho??
  5. Yes they do.
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  6. A54593AB-512F-4E68-BA33-127A88600F47.jpeg The standard tyre is fairly easy to get to the edge. I’ve changed tomDiablo Rosso IIIs and you’ll see from the picture that the ‘tread’ goes a lot further round the tyre.

    I’m getting close to the edge on the rear, but there’s a little bit to go yet! I think I’ll forget about the front though!
  7. That’s a nice wheel. The scorpions seem really easy to get to the edge.
  8. I've gone off M7RRs. Got through many pairs on various bikes and liked them but I've had them let go without warning. I've switched to Conti sport Attack 3s (and Conti Road Attack 3s for my adventure bike). Outright grip is no different to the Metzelers but they communicate far better, you feel every slip long before it happens and the front is more stable and planted and sends masses of feedback.
    The front doesn't tip in quite as quickly as the M7s though it's not far behind and the ride isn't as plush but the Contis talk to you in a way the Metzelers don't.
  9. well I decided that my pair of Road 5s had done, just under 5 thousand miles, they were squared off at the back and the front was badly stepped and the bike handled like a pig so I wasn't going any further on them even though they still had some life left before the wear bars. They do wear in pairs though.
    A new set at FWR in Kennington and with £30 cash back from Michelin seemed the right time to get a new set of Road 5s.
  10. I just got back from a trip around the US west, and I put 9200 miles on my Dunlop Roadsmart 3s. I changed them out for another set of 3s, since I had to have the bike serviced anyway, but they had enough tread to exceed 10,000 miles if I'd wanted to. That is by far the most mileage I've gotten out of tires on a Multi, and I've tried Angel GTs, PR3s and PR4s, and Conti Roads. I'll be curious to see if the next set of Roadsmart 3s match that mileage.
  11. That is impressive mileage. How much of that were they squared off?
  12. They weren't squared off hardly at all, which was great. Probably because 85% of the miles were all on curvy mountain roads. Here in Illinois, they generally get squared off very quickly, but this set was only in Illinois for a few hundred miles.
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  13. Ha! First time in my life I've been called a Drama Queen :joy:
  14. The Diablo Rosso III is the tire I was thinking about using when the OEM Scorpions wear-out. In fact, I was thinking about replacing the OEM's before the bike leaves the showroom floor. I just don't get why Ducati chose to fit an adventure tire for the Pikes Peak edition. I have a pair of Rosso III's on my Monster 1200R (photo) having replaced the SuperCorsa's which were OEM on the 1200R. The Rosso III's are not as edge sticky as the SC's but that's to be expected. I was using the whole SC from edge to edge but have not yet done so with the newly installed Rosso III. I'm just hoping to get more mileage out of them and better cold weather traction also.

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  15. Ok so my road 5s are worn out and I am trying the new continental Road attack 3s. Fitted them today and I can say that they are a lot softer feel with less road noise, and they tip in fat better than the road 5s. Not sure if they are going to last any better but I will see in the next couple of months when they are worn out I guess.
  16. PS I did manage just shy of 6 thousand miles on the road 5s.
  17. Still, as I have found, some of these tyres are just not suitable for gravel roads and chew up very quickly, long before they just wear down. I had a rear Angel GT fail badly after only 2000km but the last few hundred k's of that was very rough gravel roads and accelerating hard on it with full luggage, I am guessing, just shot them to bits. Next tyre was a metzeler z8, similar thing, two up on gravel after about 3000kms it had a couple of gashes across the tread with steel belt showing thru. Have just replaced with PR5's but don't have any road trips planned as yet...
  18. Given that you ride both gravel and tarmac, why not use the OEM Scorpion Trail II's ?
    That's what they're designed for.
  19. Certainly leaning that way, but I probably do 95% tarmac and so thought the PR5's would be worth a try this time...
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