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  1. i change what i need to and usually get 2 rears to a front just about...... plus mix and match takes a little adjustment to riding but once the adjustment is in your head then crack on

    i rode to norway on T30 brand new set and came back 6500 miles later on a worn T30 front and 180 instead of 190 Continental Road Attack as it was only rear i could source :)
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  2. what he said.....^^^
    again its only my opinion but.....the difference you feel is greater coming from a worn set of tyres to a brand new pair (and we cope fine with that) than ANY of the mix n Match tyre combos I've run over the years
  3. When I get home I'm going to check out what I've paid for, and yes there was a disposal charge as PeterT notes.
  4. Maybe I'm hard on the brakes into corners, though that's not the way I ride in my head. I get through modern front tyres as quick, and sometimes quicker, than rears. The front Scorpion on my MV Turismo was shot after 2500 miles and towards the end of a tour of the Picos which was something I certainly wasn't expecting. I don't ride for anything other than pleasure and try to keep off motorways and dual carriageways if I can. Most of my riding is abroad so I tend to change as pairs to avoid the inconvenience and waste of valuable riding time finding and getting new ones fitted whilst away.

    My local council dump still takes old worn tyres without charge. At least they did the last time I had a clear out early last year.
  5. I'm pleased to say the sticky string fix worked for the remainder of my trip. Called into my trusted tyre chap on the way home and he said rear is gone and front is stepping so won't be good for long. Pair of bt030s going on tomorrow. £240 the pair all in riro. Will get myself one of those 55/30 sockets to add to my touring kit for future incidents.
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  6. Depends... when I was 17 on my Dad's old Super Dream I didn't care as long as they were black, round and inflated. :D

    Now... as an over-indulged 40-something who has bikes as toys rather than as a cannot-break-on-me get-to-work tool... I'm far more picky. I could get used to flat tyres made from hard plastic in Elbonia if I needed to. But I prefer not to. I'll probably buy a Honda CB250N Super Dream Deluxe and restore it to factory, chiding anyone who doesn't use the same passivated fasteners as I did. I'm that kind of intolerable person. :)
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  7. Yeah I can relate to that no problem, but being tight if I'd taken a part worn off, it'd be in my garage for when I got back with knackered tyres....:grinning:
  8. :grinning: Fair play, and as I said each to their own, I just take the view that as the tyres wear at different rates and in different ways the "New " tyres feeling only lasts a few hundered (or so) miles its not worth worrying about,
    mind you having ridden dirt bikes with MX tyres front and trials tyres rear....THATS an errr interesting combo ! and I will not have Michelin tyres on any bike of mine, I loathe the thingso_O
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  9. i had one of the 55/30 sockets under my seat on the tour or i would have been buggered completely ;)

    good investment IMO, plus i had a 2 foot breaker bar in the middle of my roll mat which i also needed

    I'm not precious over tyres and some of the mixes i have run would horrify most ....Dunlop D207 front and part worn Pirelli SC1 race tyre on the rear on a ZX636 as i used to get the race tyres for free i ran them on the rear for about 15,000 miles with a mix of road fronts
  10. Bloody hell that's steep. My council charges £1.50 inclusive per tyre.

  11. £2.00 in Leeds
  12. Yeah, did that and wound up with a stack of part worns in the shed taking up space as fresh rubber always went on before a tour of a couple of thousand miles+. Changed bikes and the part worn rears were no longer suitable anyway. Turned up to a VFR forum Christmas lunch with the boot of the car full of free tyres as presents for my friends. The rest went to the dump when I had to downsize/move due to marital break-up.

    The OEM Scorpions on the 1260 will be coming off after the Ardennes trip with about 3k+ miles on as I have a trip to the Dolomites in May with the girlfriend on the back for most of it. Will be Road 5s going on. Hoping that they'll have sufficient life to also get me around Ireland in June too.
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  13. Metzeler Roadtec 01 front (120-70-19) £130
    Metzeler Roadtec 01 rear (170-60-17) £150
    Fitting charge to bike £37.00
    Casing disposal charge £3
    Total £320
  14. Feck that's expensive!!!!
    My last Road 5's fitted were £270, and my Conti attacks fitted £275
  15. That was two weeks ago
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  17. Wow.... £37 to fit the tyres ? even if thats ride in/ride out thats pricey:eek:
  18. Roadtech are a dear tyre. Bought mine at bike tyres Leeds. Road 5's , £260 with £30 cash back from Michelin. Looked at Roadtech's & I think they were £330 fitted.
  19. not being argumentative but the 1st hit on those tyres in those sizes on the Bay of fleas is £252 delivered, so they would cost me £272 fitted to loose wheels...£60 cheaper the G&B paid, I'm wayyyyy to tight to waste that kind of money :grinning:
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  20. So you can get them fitted & balanced for £10 per wheel. That is cheap for a pro garage with all nylon wheel changers & levers.