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Featured My 1st Ducati ❤️

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by Lloyd Lewis, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. 529BA4B1-03FA-4072-9C9D-975E1039356C.png 8C6F8D0B-0588-4019-9301-152CCE95B9C5.jpeg 071BD32C-96BF-44AD-9A41-8E862DA28CFF.jpeg 93BE0AF6-CA04-4E00-A87C-2A98F039DC26.jpeg F7861F88-B163-4E55-A32F-6CA20ACFA666.jpeg 1FE8DDF7-81C1-4BCC-B734-77E26D7A7175.jpeg Got the bike about 3 months ago now done a few bits and bobs to it

    22B1B753-1EAC-4CC2-ADD0-D7694DB37F48.jpeg C91C965E-E794-4D10-A319-7539C48C0A87.jpeg

    Matt carbon frount and rear mud guard
    F3FAEB92-4479-451E-A69F-1923B3DBA919.jpeg 246C11EB-8FB1-48B8-AD67-8E4380860448.jpeg
    Cnc screws and frame sliders
    8C6F8D0B-0588-4019-9301-152CCE95B9C5.jpeg F7861F88-B163-4E55-A32F-6CA20ACFA666.jpeg 93BE0AF6-CA04-4E00-A87C-2A98F039DC26.jpeg F7861F88-B163-4E55-A32F-6CA20ACFA666.jpeg
    Evo tech bits and changed the bulbs on the side lights 5B8F7AA2-AFD0-4FB1-95F7-DCA298B5709F.jpeg BC3AF86A-BA24-470B-8F5F-B3C1F63845D8.jpeg D6909C55-C3DF-4714-9D0D-20529CE1D698.jpeg 0746267A-91EF-4797-94D8-5F95E341A572.jpeg
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  2. Welcome
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  3. Great to have you with us and what a pretty picture.:motorcycleduc::upyeah:
  4. Welcome, you’ve put a lot of effort into cleaning that up looks lush.:upyeah:
  5. Hello :upyeah:.
  6. Hello and welcome to the forum
  7. Welcome along,nice bike
  8. Great job but your missing my bin pic and we like them it’s a newbie rule that keeps me happy :)

    Welcome into our mad house
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  9. Hi and welcome. I got my bike just a few months ago and have done similar mods to mine. Great bikes!
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  10. Hello and welcome .

    Looking lovely, just begging to be ridden.
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  11. Greetings!

    Its great making little changes and upgrades to personalise/ upgrade a bike. Though be warned, as time passes you change bigger and more costly items!
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  12. Welcome and enjoy. Nice bike
  13. Hello, they are great bikes, I got mine second hand in March and stuck 5k on it this year.. Loved every mile of it.. Now doing some mods as well. I have fitted a 1299 underslung exhaust, fitted tail tidy, had wheels done gold and lower fairings in black.. Enjoy the bike and the forum..
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  14. Hi and welcome to the Ducati forum enjoy your 1st Ducati
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  15. Bike looks great, welcome
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  16. welcome Bud :upyeah:
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  17. Welcome. Bins please!
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  18. Important questions. Where have you BIN since you bought the bike? Have you BIN looking long for it? Seen any nice BINs on your travels?Photographed any nice BINs? Got a BIN picture to share with the BINOPHILES? We love our BINs. I even shop at Motobins!, live in a CABIN, think in BINARY and keep an eye on my neighbours with BINOCULARS, sorry to all at number 3, Community service order on that one.Keep an old man happy show us your BIN shots. Off to the recycling centre now, BIN porn!
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  19. The first ducati feeling is amazing :) - Enjoy
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