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Featured 749 My 749s

Discussion in '749 / 999' started by Dubs, Nov 13, 2020.

  1. Have this bike since late last yr.

    It was a little minded , sitting in a house on display for a while - why ??!!

    so I bought it and clocked up a few thou kms's , having done 999 kms exactly on Aug bank holiday in 2.5 days on Irish back roads - yes, I'm still hurting:eek::laughing: ( but some of the roads we took were sh!te in fairness, they ain't all that bad)

    I'd ride all yr round except snow / ice so cleaned it up today.

    For a late 2005 bike, 20k kms, its mint ! Plastics are great in fairness to Ducati.

    Having had 1199s, 1098s, 848 evo etc, it's the better looking & sounding bike (?) imo and undiluted, well, maybe 50/50 against the 1199...

    Poxy seat is hard going, I'm not getting any younger !:D:broken_heart:


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  2. Looks good mate :upyeah:
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  3. Welcome, looks lush.
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  4. Cheers Cookster.
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  5. Love a 749s

    Bought mine in summer but not ridden it much yet but initial impressions are very good

    I used to think they were fugly but im quite fond of them now
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  6. Looks like we also have the same rear stand
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  7. Harris make great stands like no other.

    That one I have is years old now. Still solid.
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  8. Right...

    right ... first things first... er... Bins?

    secondly its a 749 isn’t it?... why is it in red?
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  9. some more 749s lovin'

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  10. This is the bike that started it all for me. I fell in love with it back in 2006 and bought a 749 biposto that I quickly converted to a mono. 15 years on I’m having it converted to a track bike but the love and enthusiasm for this bike and it’s divisive looks haven’t faded.

    You’re bike looks brilliant. Enjoy.
  11. Congratulations!! Looks like the twin of mine (except mine is a base one, not an S)

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  12. That is a thing of beauty!
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  13. They are both stunning, feel bad I have stripped mine for a project :confused:
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  14. Thank you Johnny!
  15. I’ve done the same. Would be interested to know what you’re doing to yours Lorne?
  16. Hi, I have been convincing myself this is the way forward
    Basically the bike goes like this
    749s chassis with RS conversion, 999 deep sump, stripped, tuned and completely finished black, 2006 Factory swing arm, collecting tomorrow :D, K Tech rear shock, totally Black Marzocchi forks, NCR bottoms, K Tech Internals, ISR Master cylinders, rotors and callipers, CNC racing triple clamps, Carbon cafe racer seat, bolt direct to frame, hand beaten tank, finished Ali with Monza cap, new loom, moto gadget chrono, wheels, Satin Black Jonich, solid billet hubs and rims, downside, spokes were meant to be black but they came stainless, they are absolutely stunning regardless.
    Not sure whether to leave frame anniversary red to make it pop out of the black.
    CR Racefit will add their expertise with a set of 60mm titanium pipes and a slash cut silencer.
    In my head it sounds great but I am sure I will be cursing by Xmas, sorry it went on a bit :upyeah:
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  17. Thats a good enough reason to start a builds and projects thread :D
  18. Wow!
  19. Fair Comment Sev, I have practically everything for the rolling chassis now, so will assemble roughly to get some inspiration, actually I think collecting the swing arm tomorrow will be a good trigger, maybe a glass of wine in the garage :thinkingface:. I think you should come and grab that tank mate :grinning:
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