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  1. My sincere condolences Stephen
  2. Brilliant vid. Chin up. On and on :upyeah:
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  3. Occasionally in life you need to dip into the archives to access the great memories that are always there for you forever:upyeah:
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  4. Condolences - some live their lives wishing they had done more. Your Dad looks like he made the most of his.
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  5. Condolences
  6. Sorry for your loss.
  7. Sorry for your loss.
  8. Sorry for your loss.I lost my dad 6 years ago.Its never a good time.Remember the good times but you must grieve,give yourself time and permission to do so!Be strong.Have a man hug.
  9. Just reading your post triggered a little moisture in the corner of my eye. I've been there and feel for you.
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  10. Thanks everyone, we as a family were humbled at dads funeral, the funeral home said its the largest funeral they have had, the building was packed the hallways filled and probably another hundred and fifty standing outside. I was met outside by friends and customers who are now also friends, by our suppliers our
    neighbours by friends of dads who flew in to n ireland for his funeral and insted of handshakes i received hugs. Dad was a man of integrity and honesty in life and business......i will miss him so much. 100_0433.JPG
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  11. Condolences.
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  12. Sorry to hear the news,
  13. What a great tribute to him. How great that you both got on so well.
    My condolences.
  14. Condolences - Carpe diem.
  15. My Dad passed away just over 2 years ago, i am told i have never grieved for him by those closest to me, he was a week off being 90 when he died, with last 10 years i watched a gradual decline in all aspects of a happy and healthy existence. At his end he had enough what with Mum choosing to leave him after 65 years of marriage he led a miserable existence. I live(d) 300 miles away from my parents just before he died he had to go into care, and on my last visit he privately let me know he had enough a broken man, i could only feel his life and time had come.
    Is there anything wrong in not showing grief ? As i believe i was grieving before he died knowing he didn't want be around anymore. I am facing the same scenario again now with Mum who has had to go into care after a stroke just after Xmas, she is 93, not happy with life and feels she is a burden to all around her. No joke getting old my friends.
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  16. Sorry to hear your news, best wishes from the Ratty household :upyeah:
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  17. I’m not religious, but I do believe that people live on in the memory of others, that’s their legacy. Great video and especially for you. Hope your dad is always with you in your memories and when you talk about the time you had together to others. All the best.
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