1200 DVT My Desmo Service At 35.500 Km (22.058 Mi) - 2000 Euro

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Riko, Nov 17, 2018.

  1. Too much, get another dealer

  2. As to be expected for a Desmo + special requirements

  3. I dunno (dont have a DVT, havent had a desmo still, etc...)

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  1. I can see why your experience hasn't been great
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  2. Reference the oil consumption problem, it's a known aspect of the DVT that it uses/burns oil. Previous 1200 models used very little oil, if at all, but many DVTs do. Mine, for example, does. I've not measured the consumption but I'd reckon it needs 0.5 to 0.75 litres per 1000 miles. So your consumption might be 'normal'.

    I've seen a post somewhere that Ducati are aware of the DVT's oil thirst, but say it is normal if it used oil from the start, but abnormal if it starts to use oil only after several thousand miles if I remember correctly.
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  3. thanks for that informative input, didnt know about that last part.

    my dealer also said that ONLY the 2015 (first year of course, always risky) dvt's drink a lot of oil.
    After that it should be more or less fixed.
    Reason would be the difference in materials they used in the engine...

    I think I'm gonna open a poll to see if this is correct and ask dvt owners if they consume oil and wich model year, than we should see a peak for the 2015 models...

    But I do need to correct you however, my dealer said, that Ducati states acceptable oil consumption is no more than 1L/3000km = 1800miles.

    So mine is way out of acceptable, and to be honest, thats would also be ridiculous.
    1/3000km is also very high to be honest, but okay it is what it is.

    I will keep a keen eye on this, because I dont know if the low level is due to consumption or if the dealer just forgot to top up after fixing the initial oil leak after the desmo service.

    I started monitoring oil consumption since I got the bike.
    Since my first oil service after purchase I started with 1L/4500km, than 1L/3400km, than 3000km and stabilised...
    So it got worse, but stayed within acceptable limits.
    Near the end I even used thicker 15W40, but that didnt help using thicker recommended oil...before it was 10w40.
  4. its not the difference in materials, as such. Apparently there were a batch of pistons that were not correctly machined / coated.
    The later bikes do use oil too, but as Coman said there is now guidance as to what is considered an acceptable level.

    By way of example, if my mates and I go to the alps my 2012 bike doesnt need a top up in ~3k miles of riding.
    They will check their DVT bikes if not daily certainly every other day (similar to what the GS riders do). Some of these are 2015 DVT bikes, but not all.
  5. I have an 18 1260 Touring S and I haven't noticed any oil consumption at 1500 miles in.....
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  6. My late 2015 dvt uses very little oil.
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  7. it depends how you ride them.
    My ST4S used to use no oil for normal riding, but a day in the mountains using lots of high revs engine braking would see it use some.
    The same is true on the DVTs - ride them high up in the revs and use lots of engine braking, then they use more oil.

    My mates bikes dont use much oil riding around in the UK, but give them a pasting in the Alps and its a different story.

    Maybe they addressed the problem for the 1260 (I hope so, I've not heard people mentioning it).
    Might have to ask a dealer about this to find out...
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  8. ditto
  9. MY 1260 users a bit, not measured it to be certain, but compared to my 1st Gen Multi that never used any
  10. seems like Ducati fixed the oil consumption pain in the ass with the 1260 engines huh?

    Anyhow, the dealer called me today after my mail from yesterday.
    "Oil loss" was probably caused from removing the cover and replacement of the belts when fixing the first oil leak.
    Thought and hoped for something like that.
    About the sweat spots, around that area there are cables or something, and there may be some risidu left, but normally these will disappears after some miles and in time.
    So, I will just keep an eye on it, but normally nothing should leak from now on and oil consumption should be as before.
    I hope that the consumption will perhaps improved.
    We'll see!
  11. I had a 2015 DVT and did 28k miles on it over 3 years, it did use oil in normal riding but not an excessive amount - however if I did a long motorway / auto route trip at mostly constant speeds it used a lot more oil! I was told this was due a the oil breather canister needing a vacuum to recycle any oil vapour back to engine and at constant revs the vacuum isn't there, vary the revs up and down and it gets a vacuum and recycles the oil vapours, or something like that! BS or what?

    The current 1260 has now done 12k miles and used no oil at all!
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