1098 My New 1098... At Home With Friends

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by Dennis T., Jul 7, 2017.

  1. After all Ducati's are social animals. The need companionship.

    My wife is starting to believe they multiply like gremlins.

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  2. Nice. (buy some shelves)
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  3. I'd have to try and convince the wife they were all the same bike ;)
  4. nice work. how do you find time to ride em all?
  5. I've got 4 and it is a problem, often I take my favourite of the moment out but feel I should take one of the others out cos it's not been ridden, nice problem to have though, always worth bearing in mind the following formula as well

    X multiple bikes = neglected wife = zero bikes + zero house.
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  6. After 21 years my wife is acclimated to my antics. I see it this way... It salves my hunting instincts. Without the bike, bicycles, or any other random interest I find my self partaking of I would most likely be a serial philanderer.

    Love one woman and many hobbies!
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  7. I've a wife with a similar problem... it's called shoes!
  8. I've no wife (or GF at moment) so I buy whatever bike(s) I feel the need to and keep them and work on them whenever and wherever I choose.
  9. You sir have the process well sorted.
  10. How kind.:upyeah:
  11. Yeah but who does the cooking, washing and cleaning?
  12. Yeah but who does the cooking, washing and cleaning?
  13. I can cook to an acceptable standard and I wash and clean all my bikes with no problems at all. :p Some times I wash and clean myself as well, usually on my birthday. :D
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  14. I thought the formula was much simpler... N (Bikes) +1
  15. I am sure take away's, and laundry are much cheaper than a wife!
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  16. Nice collection, when does the Panigale arrive?

    A question for you; which is your favourite Piles Peak? I always regret not having the Mk 1 (Jenson Button's old Pit Bike) when I had the chance......

    PS I find if the wife has a horse it makes life very easy :)

  17. I don't think ill be adding a Panigale anytime soon, and the 2012 is my favorite.
    In fact if I had to have one bike only it would be the 2012 Pikes Peak.
    Don't get me wrong I think the 2016 DVT is a brilliant machine, But the 2012 is just so raw and visceral when you want it to be, and you can throw down big miles at ease with comfort as well.
    I will most likely add a Monster 1100 S as my next acquisition , I want to try a 2 valve aircooled dry clutch bike. maybe a similar Hypermoto if the Monster doesn't fit.
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  18. I love your wife
  19. Happy birtday
  20. synic