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Featured 748 My New 748 Project

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by James Culora, Nov 25, 2020.

  1. Brouny851, are the white number plates decals or are they painted on?
  2. The rear, as is OEM with the model, is painted in a faint pearl white.

    The front, which is just yellow OEM, is a decal that has been sprayed over with clear. :upyeah:
  3. Very nice job by the way. That looks awesome!
    I am leaning towards a slight pearl yellow with the same pearl white number plates and gold or black pinstripe around them. Also going with a black frame for now, but I am also considering a charcoal grey frame. Of course black wheels. This bike probably would not have been given a second chance if I had't acquired it on trade for some paint work.
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  5. The project is moving along, so here is a pictorial view of the progress.

    Made a stand to support the engine and frame






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  6. Also worked on cleaning and detailing the engine. Did all of this without a complete disassembly. I'm a custom painter and good with masking off stuff so, This is the results.

    I have a plotter and cam make masks for various parts of the engine such as seals and stuff. I used Dupli-Color Engine paint on the engine parts and wheel paint on the clutch cover see the pics.





















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  7. The frame and wheels are off to the powder coater and will be gloss black. Then I can start putting it back together. I have to clean and paint the swing arm. I'm going with the same bronze color as on the clutch cover. Yes I know these are not standard colors, but this bike is only going to be worth something to me. It was not well loved prior to me.
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  8. Nice work mate, the engine looks lovely :upyeah:
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  9. That engine looks fantastic. great attention to detail. (apart from the hoses, but i have a personal dislike to coloured hoses But it's each to their own)
    Loving the updates.
  10. Fantastic job on the painting, well done
  11. Looking good but did you consider just leaving the cases bare?
  12. Corrosion is the main concern. Not that live somewhere more susceptible, but the corrosion was already established so I cleaned it up primed and painted it. This in an effort for longevity.
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  13. Managed to sandblast and refinish the radiator. Decided on black, the lower cowl closeout will be black as well. I used NAPA Chassis paint. I've used it on other restorations and it holds up really well. I'll Scottish-brite the connection and remove the paint so it doesn't leak coolant and has a good surface for the hose to grasp.



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  14. That grey frame with black wheel combo on yellow is just super gorgeous!
  15. seeing that you've sand blaster your footrests can I suggest you rub some wire wool over them, it gives a nice satin finish.
  16. OP you're a bit good at this arent you. looks very smart and finished to a very professional standard but you are a professional so that helps. keep them coming.
  17. Nice office my friend! Race simulator, desk, work bench and a few bikes! Lovely!
  18. Great post James
  19. You mean Sc0tch Brite don’t you?;)
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  20. Nice idea, I didn't like the shinny anodizing, was thinking a titanium color powder coat?
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