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For Sale My Streetfighter 1098s Back Up For Sale

Discussion in 'Ducati Bikes For Sale' started by jack999s, May 24, 2019.

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  1. Your link is mashed...
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  2. OK Now?
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  3. Works for me, good looking bike and good luck with the sale.
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  4. I’ll take those termi’s
  5. Please don't :joy::)
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  6. did you sell jack?
  7. Hi mate, Yes bikes sold, As far as I know its now in France
  8. ... at least it’s not in stu’s museum :)
  9. Is the new owner on forum?? Has quite a collection of Ducatis ive been told :D
  10. I fooKed about too long looking at it. Sold my bike now so ready to pounce. @Exige will be needing self storage soon
  11. I think he is, but it's not me :thinkingface: he seems to have hidden it :worried:
  12. I might have a very low mileage one kicking about somewhere but it might be pricey o_O but a proper colour though :innocent:
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  13. Perfect as I was after a black one ‘n all. S model please.
  14. Certainly Sir, a black S it is :thinkingface:
  15. NO pm's aloud :p We all want to know whats going on here :D
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  16. Thread closed
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