My Take On 996/1098 Mongrel Build!

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  1. All the bits mocked up for a trial fitting before welding started.
    2014-08-05 15.00.50.jpg
  2. Yeah, I took a screenshot on my phone and lost where the thread was. Will build my own at some point. Did you finish yours?
  3. Yes all finished and fitted.
  4. top stuff!!! Looking good.
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  5. Gosh...
  6. It's still stirring your juices which is no bad thing. Enjoyed the read up, keep going sir
  7. I will, but it is all done on a very tight shoestring as I only work part time in the summer and winter is all holiday. Watching some 749r yokes out here in germany but the guy wants 500 for them so they can wait untill they drop considerably.
  8. Thanks mate.
  9. Right small update. Flogged my old Ohlins to a friend for more than I could get a replacement that would fit my conversion.
    Personally I do not think my riding warrants a TTX so bog stock 1098 Ohlins ordered from Italy. Arrived withing 3 days so final assembly could commence. Any modifing of the shock I can get my Ohlins mate to do if need be.
    Everything checked and torqued in place.
    So now running; 848 arm & hub, 999 rear caliper, 996 caliper hanger, 996 axle, 996 full floating rear disc, 996 sprocket carrier, 748r rear disc, 520 chain conversion, 1098 öhlins, modified suspension rocker, fabricated rocker adaptor, magnesium 5 spoke marchesini.

    Next thing to finish is the carbon undertray, so hopefully will get the cloth this weekend from a mate. Then stink the house out.
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  10. :upyeah::upyeah:

    Cool. Miss my old franken Duke.

    P.S. Lovin your side stand.
  11. Used to love reading your posts on the Franken. All very inspirational. Thanks.the side stand I did a few years ago not the prettiest but works well. Chopped end off, drill, tapped, scrap metal and old bolt to form the adjustable foot.
  12. Same idea different method.
    2014-07-29 18.10.53.jpg
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  13. Really enjoyed reading this whole thread.
    I’ve got a 748 with a 2013 Multistrada engine in (1198) track bike. 848 front end, S1000RR calipers, 1098 loom & ECU with the map set up for me, cut/shut welded exhaust like yours, 139bhp at the wheel and 87 lb-ft. Really nice balance of power/torque. You have my airbox sympathies btw! I managed to find an Ohlins shock and forks and some light weight Marchesinis with bigger 1199 discs. The thing looks ace and I love it, although I’ve got an 1199 for the track.
    Hope you get the rewards from riding it!!!
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  14. Any pics
  15. Sounds familiar...:bucktooth:
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  16. Nice build! My mongrel is an RC390 with RC8 forks, R6 rear shock, RS250 wheels, S1000RR callipers and Frando master cylinders(used to be DUCATI, but had to change due to the brake cylinder leaking). Now the rear wheel needs to go on and the Brembo rear calliper.

    I really wish I was half as skilled as you, I’d love to make more mongrel creations like this one with an electric motor and various parts from various bikes... lol
  17. Any pics, over the years I've built all sorts of strange things. Sadly very few pics remain.
    A couple I built were.
    Tzr125 (ally deltabox import) fitted with a 500cc race tuned single. Tz350 race fairings all painted up in a speedblock design, daylight mot,110kg. Flogged it on after rarely using it.
    Fzr400, with a vfr750 engine shoehorned in. Side mounted rads (vtr style, a true frankenstein, sadly scrapped it before finished due to a few stupid things , but it was a rolling chassis with engine in and plumbing in place.
  18. It looks pretty stock, but has quiet a bit spent on mods...

    Next up, I just want to get a race tail on it and get the suspension sorted for my weight, and maybe a lithium battery. That's where it's going to end(yes, I'm trying to convince myself :p).