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748 Mystery Part Time Again

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by West Cork Paul, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Yep. I learnt that from Robert the Bruce. It’s about the only bit of Scottish history taught in school back in the 70s, and that was only about him watching a spider whilst hiding from the English @finm @Harry Bell @749er
  2. FREEDOM! yip heard it.
    anyways. lets not get started on that road on this thread. not unless somebody's wanting a claymore through the heed and a pikestaff up the ass.. :p
    (BTW, the OutLaw king aint a bad wee movie).
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  3. Just another trouble maker in history.;)
  4. And 5% true too :bucktooth:
  5. Sturgeon is the all new upto date version.;)
  6. True Dat :joy:
  7. Back to the circlip, was it the one Nelly pointed out?
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  8. He sounds like a terrorist.
  9. Aren't they all.:thinkingface:
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  10. I’m checking today
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  11. Did you say you have an angle-grinder? Can't remember.
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  12. That's Creamy you are thinking of :scream:
  13. Not usually and not in this case. I'm just worried Paul will struggle like that other Paul did with his front sprocket.

    I miss other Paul.
  14. No struggle. This sprocket is off and replaced. The other Paul taught me so much about sprockets:):upyeah:.

    It’s just this sprocket, or something in that vicinity, has left behind a random circlip. This circlip most definitely does not fit in the old rear sprocket as there’s no space for it.

    Perplexed from West Cork.
  15. Have you, or Paul, tried throwing the circlip away?
  16. Too dangerous. The other Paul did that once, the offending item flew across the shed, struck the work bench, bounced off that, hit his flask of tea, which happened to be open with the lid off, knocked it over, causing the contents to pour out onto the bag of power tools underneath the bench, causing him to have to place some of them in the oven in a low heat to dry out:(. He told me to never throw anything in the shed:upyeah:
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  17. Why do I unquestioningly believe this outlandish tale?
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  18. Are you sure the thing did not fall off a convenient hook on the shed wall. You know.

    Sir Clipp and the Shadow board
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  19. Audible Groan
  20. Titus's younger brother?
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