1200 DVT Navihalter Gps Mount

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  1. Yes!, I found out the same today on receiving mine, I too want to mount a TomTom 410 but find that both sat nav and Ducati mount have the same female screw fittings rendering it useless.
  2. I've had mine on order for a while but not arrived yet any chance of some pics or description of the problem. What's the solution from snells?
  3. It does move but no more than it does fitted on the RAM mount on my R1150GSA. It is closer to me on the Enduro which obviously makes it use easier. Being closer it is also a bit clearer but I'd say that at speeds where you need to be sure where you're going it's fine. It does stabilise at higher (legal) speeds.
  4. Just wondering if the official Ducati mount is only made to carry the official Ducati sat nav', Garmins 350 & 390
  5. Ahhhhhh!!! That could explain things. Well bugger if I'm going to buy another sat bloody nav :confused:
  6. Mine's a garmin 590LM mount, it seems ducati in their wisdom have designed the mount with the garmin 350 & 390 in mind, so snell's are having some black anodised aluminium mounts made up by a local engineer.

  7. Yes correct, they have, and it seems none of the dealers were told this!.
  8. @gregsf848 Would you know if the genuine Navihalter is universal or specific ?
  9. I believe that the navihalter IS universal. And the Ducati version is designed for the garmin 350 & 390
    Have to say Ducati have cocked up by not being very discriptive on fitment options.
  10. I have just attached the 590 mount using RAM mounts, doesn't look too bad but being able to attach the charger mount directly would be a lot neater?


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  12. LOL at that set up! My 350 used to vibrate when it was attached to the base, god only knows what you can see on yours at speed, haaaa! :p
  13. It was find on the Diavel, so will have to wait and see on the MTS?
  14. Even tho I don't have a TomTom Rider sat nav I thought I would have a go at getting a TomTom Rider to fit the genuine Ducati high mount.

    IMG_0036.JPG IMG_0037.JPG IMG_0038.JPG
    It wasn't a cheap option as had to "adapt" a mount to fit BUT it even has a rubber vibration dampers
  15. One other thing......if anybody wants a genuine Ducati high mount I know a dealer that has lots in stock
  16. Got fed up trying to find one so made me own to fit my Tom Tom rider had far in with DUCATI mount and kit but didn't get on with it I attach pics and yes I know my poxy engine error light on again another trip to HYSIDE



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  17. Hey gregsf, can you tell me where I can buy the WM snells solution and what it is please. I'm so pissed that Ducati dropped the ball like this. I also bought a Zumo 595 only to find out the Ducati hi mount doesn't work with it. Ridiculous. Thank you.
  18. Surprised no one has snapped up the sat nav bracket on ebay for £30 its a snip. Genuine Navihalter as above.
  19. Have you got a link please, I can't find it.