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1260 Navihalter Sat Nav Mount And Carbon Headlight Fairing

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Marcello, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been a big fan of the Navihalter sat nav mount for the last 12 months, very solid piece of kit.

    I have now ordered the MTS Carbon Headlight Fairing - would it be high enough to cover the sat nav mount and the sat nav itself? I'm using a Garmin Zumo 595.

    Thank you!
  2. Hi, I have the Navihalter on my 2012 Pikes Peak .It sits behind the small carbon headlamp fairing no problem with the same sat Nav as yours
  3. Thank you so much for confirming!
    Could you perhaps share a couple of pics please?
    Can't wait for the carbon headlamp fairing to arrive.
  4. 31BBF396-64AD-4FBF-9E20-8DF47D823509.jpeg E669124C-AAEA-4942-9A91-945231E5904F.jpeg AC76BC9C-582A-4078-B639-5D4C969ECAFC.jpeg EEC38ECA-8B48-4B9B-A3D3-3B6ACE59B481.jpeg 31BBF396-64AD-4FBF-9E20-8DF47D823509.jpeg E669124C-AAEA-4942-9A91-945231E5904F.jpeg E669124C-AAEA-4942-9A91-945231E5904F.jpeg Tried to show with headlamp fairing in up and down position
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  5. Stock Pikes Peak screen with Navihalter with the GPS positioned at the highest setting on the bracket.
  6. Thank you too!
  7. Hi guys,

    so I received and fitted the carbon fiber screen which looks great.

    However the 3 factory screws now stick out - could you suggest a place where to buy flat screws?
  8. Sticking out?
    Is your carbon screen OEM or after-market?
    If it's the latter, it may be thinner which would necessitate filing the screws shorter if possible.
    How about some flat black washers in the interim?
  9. Hi,

    it is aftermarket. The holes on the screen are smaller and the original screws have a piece which is supposed to fill the width of the original screen. No chance of filing this down or add washers unfortunately.
  10. Ah I see. You'll need to identify what thread pitch (oem), thread diameter, length and head diameter you require.
    Let us know and we'll look for you.
  11. Thanks!

    I think it would be either a M2 or M3 Hex Socket button head screw.

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