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Never Say Never

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by v1nn1e, Apr 3, 2024.

  1. Never had a ducati and it's next on my list.
    Was thinking something sensible, like a Multistrada or Supersport, but my heads been turned by the Tamburini models.
    It's weird, never really got in to them back in the day but 30 years later I'm feeling the love!
    We'll see...
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  2. get a 996 your love it
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  3. Welcome into our mad house
  4. Welcome v1nn1e. Having ridden my mates 996 and owning a Multi myself, personally I prefer the Multi for anything other than a quick blast. Maybe I'm too sensible/practical/boring... They're great, iconic bikes though and if sports riding and track days are you thing probably very satisfying. My mate tours on his and I can't believe that he doesn't need a chiropractor once back home...
  5. G

    Ducati make great bikes. Some are also beautiful. Choose carefully...
  6. Welcome and enjoy!
  7. Calls for a venn diagram!! With the diavel in a circle on its own, possibly on a separate piece of paper, in file 13.
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