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899 New 899 Owner Looking For Some Advice

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by DJD, May 25, 2020.

  1. Hi all,

    Officially an owner of an 899. Stunning machines. Unfortunately the engine light has come on during the third outing so its off to the dealer to get looked at. Hopefully she is back on the road soonish.

    Whilst I wait for her to be ready for the road again I have a few questions see if you have any advice.

    1) First question, is there diagnostics software you recommend that provides further details the dash doesn't show. Next time it would be good to know how serious the issue is, that way I will know if it is safe to ride it to the dealer and how urgent the problem is.

    2) As expected Footpegs are, well pretty s**t for grip. What are people using that are tried and tested? Are the Rizoma ones any good, any one running black or silver ones? Other recommendations?

    3) Rear indicators, has anyone replaced these for smaller LED ones, or perhaps replaced the rear lights so they are integrated? How hard is the job?

    4) Any other tips for the 899 for a Road Rider?

    Lastly, as it has been a while since I've rode would be great if there are other Ducati riders in the Bucks area that meet.

    If you have any pictures of anything you suggest that would be great.

    Sorry for all the questions

    Thanks all,
  2. Do you have the old-style smooth pegs? If so, change them for some from a 1299. Much grippier!
  3. Thanks for the pointer, I'll take a look into that.
  4. Congrats.

    1) Have a look here https://www.ukgser.com/forums/showt...n-expensive-paperweight?p=5549149#post5549149 , if it interests you ping me as I have now sold my 899 and still have the leads to connect to the laptop.

    2) Ducati Performance pegs for the 899 are expensive, but brilliant, just get them. Lots of aftermarket options if you want to go that way.

    3) Yes, quite easy, do it ! (another pair of hands help when putting everthing back together, but pretty easy. Its all plug and play. From memory I found a video on Youtube that helped.

    4) Enjoy it, and the admiring glances. Nothing I've ridden gets such a reaction. For me, the Ducati performance seat was a good upgrade, and I also added for touring the SW Motech blaze panniers. I purchased my 899 new, and got it to 34K with no major issues.

    I wouldnt worry about the engine light, probably a gear shift position sensor issue (I repaced mine more than once).


  5. Thanks

    With the indicator suggestion, did you just swap
    Thanks for the response
  6. Hi and welcome.

    There are a few of us living in Bucks and surrounding areas. Are you North, south or middle?

    Often meet others at OYB Aylesbury.
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  7. Enjoy the bike, I have also just returned to biking after about 8 or 9 years out. I got the 899 as I thought it was a little more useable for a first bike back in the game, absolutely love it. Almost impossible to go slow on these things. Plenty of smiles under the bash hat.

    my bike had some replacement pegs, very good and not had any issues. Can’t help advise as not sure what make they are but plenty of grip.

    I am getting my suspension setup at the end of the month, not a huge cost and worth getting it done based on personal settings etc. Once upon a time I would have tweaked myself but I think I get a pro this time. I put a cable tie around the front fork and it’s pretty much at the bottom of the fork so needs tweaking.

    I am located in Surrey if you ever fancy meeting up give me a shout.
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  8. That sounds good, I'm about 20 miles from there
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  9. Thanks R1Stan,

    Yeah be looking at getting my set up better at some point.

    Thanks for the offer to meet up, I'll bear that in mind when the bikes had its check over.
  10. Cool. Keep your eyes on the forum then:upyeah:
  11. Also a new 899 owner here. I've just put rizoma silver pro b pegs on to replace the teflon OEM.

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  12. I've got Oberon pegs on mine. No more slippy feet. Use some threadlock; it's all I'm saying. Have the DP led rear indicators too. Far smaller and neater. A doddle to fit.
  13. Thanks.

    Know of anyone that’s put the integrated turning signal rear lights on?
  14. Thanks I’ll take a look at them as well
  15. If you find the throttle has too much free play, you could consider these Ducati Spacers


    The website has all the details and they do take 3-4 weeks to come direct from the USA but some people (and me personally) like the increased accuracy and immediacy of the throttle response when they are fitted.

    For diagnostic software I use Melcodiag from JPDiag. Then I use this OBD2 reader and can bus adapter cable


    If you follow the instructions to the letter it all works fine. It certainly work first time for me. You may have to wait a while for the guy who programmes it to send you a file to unlock all the functions but once you have connected to the ECU even without the license you can read the fault codes and order the correct part yourself to fit at home.
  16. Get some lightweight wheels too! :D
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  17. Thanks for this, what does the file to unlock all the functions do?
  18. Do you know were sells these still, can't find any on the web?
  19. It allows you to test items like the MAP sensors, rest PIN code and other stuff. If you only need it to use as a fault code reader, then you don't need the license. Personally, I only use to read the fault code when I get an engine warning light come up on the dash. It tells you exactly what part it is and then you can buy it and fit yourself.
  20. Cheers, cables ordered
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