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Featured 950 New 950

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Christy, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. After a traumatic year with a 1200DVT I have bitten the bullet and bought a new 950 Multi. My first brand new bike since 1985! I got a reasonable deal and the 4 years warranty and breakdown cover helped me make the decision. I picked it up on Saturday. I have done 220 miles already and have to say I am impressed so far. Smooth engine, slick gearbox and nice handling. I saved the luggage from my 1200 and spent an enjoyable hour yesterday bolting it on. IMG_4753.jpeg IMG_4762.jpeg IMG_4758.jpeg
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  2. Looks good
  3. Didn't realise all the luggage was swappable over from the DCT to the 950, that's a good saving as well, nice looking bike!!
  4. Thanks. I checked it out before buying the bike. All the mounting point and brackets are the same as the 1200.
  5. Can you expand on the ‘traumatic year’ with the DVT bit please.
    Nice bike by the way
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  6. Now where have I seen those photos before ???
  7. Hmm. I wonder....:D
  8. It was ok to start with, but developed a bad vibration at 12000 miles. this was diagnosed as main bearings. Unfortunately the alternator stator and windings were damaged too.first the left side bearing was changed then the right. Quite unusual apparently. Unfortunately I bought from a one man band dealer with only 3 months warranty, so I had to pay. Lesson learned :pensive:. In the end I had it 10 months but lost confidence in it. I managed without for a few months before deciding what to do. I was originally going to buy a 950, but saw that 1200s were similar money at the time and was seduced by the power. I should have stuck with my original plan :confused: Anyway I have turned the page and I'm very happy with the new 950 so far.
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  9. Very nice, very nice indeed! The 950 Multi is on my radar too, is yours the S?
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  10. No, just the standard version. I test rode both and felt that the S was not worth extra for me.
  11. Nice, enjoy your new Mutley.
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  12. I say, Now that is a big box!!! Nice bike:upyeah::)
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  13. I test rode a 950s last week and was super impressed with it in every way except for me I knew I would miss the extra power of my MTS1200s twin spark non DVT. The handling was better, especially the front end! Comfort and ergonomics better, a really great package, and if the extra 1200s power is not going to be missed then I think it’s a no brainier!
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  14. That is pretty much what I was thinking. I don’t do 2-up any more since Mrs. Longdog fractured 3 vertebrae, so it’s riding for pleasure for me with a couple of European tours every year, (except this year of course!), so it would be a case of setting the suspension for my use and winding on some extra pre-load for my tours.
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  15. I too like the 950 very much.

    a 950 would be a nice addition alongside my hyper and monster.

    The base model would be the one for me too.

    Enjoy your new mutley
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  16. Thanks for the positive comments everyone. I have been out on the 950 every day so far and am loving it. I live out in the sticks and it is great for the twisty B roads around here. I am following the break in procedure, but this give lots of scope. To be honest most of my riding is within the rev range advised. I haven't missed the 1200 power so far. The first service is booked for first week in November, but at the rate I am going I am going to have to bring it forwards :grinning:
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  17. I changed over from a Hayabusa to a 1260 DVT and love it! in fact, so much so, that I did 640 miles in the first 5 days and had it serviced on day 6! It was planned and booked the day I picked it up and lucky the weather was excellent at the beginning of August. Now done 1,800 miles. Great bikes and I look forward to Europe next year (September's trip was cancelled). Have a great time with your new bike.
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  18. enjoy Christy'
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  19. Nice bike, enjoy!
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  20. I tried a 950 at the dealer, thinking that the engine size would fit my riding style better. The mechanic warned me that it is not for us shorter riders and that the 1200 or 1260 would fit me better. Once on the 950, I couldn't get it upright off the side stand. The weight seemed higher. The 1260 tilted right up, no problem. Strange that the bigger bike would fit shorter riders the best !!
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