New Addition Is Home And Got Introduced To Her Sisters

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by brettski, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. B3758386-C1B7-4123-9C28-A0ED86B413E8.jpeg 5AC26D3C-3A13-4CD4-935B-706C91836BE8.jpeg Picked up the 1199R yesterday, well delivered by OYB to be honest

    Quick pic - intro to the other stable mates then out for a blat and scrub new tyres in

    It’s quick and had a stupid grin on my face by the time I got back :heart_eyes: love it
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  2. Good lad, feck the garden, concentrate on the bikes:D

    Looks nice sir.
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  3. drooooolll......
  4. Thats a streetfighter with vented tank cover?
  5. No when they wrapped it they put stickers Scott Reading pic I sent in was vented - not sure if I,ll leave them on yet
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  6. Coolio :cool::upyeah:cracking bike!
  7. Grass will only grow again and Mrs was using strimmer ( didn’t like to interrupt)
  8. Lovely that mate. I'm thinking about getting one of these or a 1299s but not sure which:thinkingface:
  9. To be honest had no intention of buying it till stood next to it - think the tank made the decision - then rode it and can’t wait for the sunshine now
  10. I saw your bike at oyb with please don't sit on this one stuck on it. Looked lovely mate well done.
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  11. that the one we licked?
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  12. Yeah, the one the 10 year old was sat on with really sticky, chocolaty fingers. :D
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  13. That wasn't chocolate
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  14. :D Thanks :joy:
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