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Featured New Bike Day.

Discussion in 'Hypermotard' started by JoeC, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. IMG_0948.jpeg
    Here's my new Hypermotard 1100 Evo safely delivered to the barn today. I can't wait to give it a whirl over the weekend if I can get a moment to myself. This one was only registered in 2019, has covered about 3000 miles since and is in showroom condition. More photos to follow and will then be heading off east with me as my new island runabout to replace my trusty Yamaha NMax.
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  2. Looks nice, I can’t workout if you’re thinning out your collection or just rotating through. :thinkingface:
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  3. Spare some loose change governor.;)

    Enjoy and perhaps she just might go on the back this time.
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  4. Yes, I need to get the rear pegs mounted but that is exactly the idea!
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  5. Rationalising is the plan, trying to get a few bikes I may actually ride this time!
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  6. Enjoy! Hypers rock.
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  7. Let's hope she has a nice little red number that matches the bike,;)
  8. That's a beauty.
    Where had it been before 2019?
  9. Could have swore you had one of these already :thinkingface:
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  10. Ha ha ha, whoever said one is enough?
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  11. NOS in Dubai.
  12. Congrats, best looking bike of its type,, let us know how it handles..
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  13. Really enjoy riding the 950 so can only imagine how good that one will be.
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