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1200 New Bike Purchase Is This Suspicious ?advice Please

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Solstice, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. That's what I thought and why the red key is so important.
  2. No, the salesman was about 12, and it was buying at distance so I was a bit distracted, apparently the V5 shows the name of the finance company, a more rigorous approach tomorrow!
  3. The panniers might be from a different bike as you normally get the lock barrels with the bike when you buy it and they match the ‘normal’ key. It is possible to adapt these.

    Fuel cap - might this be a keyless/electronic one already fitted, hence no need for a key?
  4. Who is the reputable and honest dealer that are selling the bike?
  5. It’s a Yamaha dealer in Gloucester
  6. Insist on transparency - you need to speak to the original owner - he may even have the missing key(s) etc.. Why would they not want you to ...?
  7. Not CompletelyMotorbikes at Staverton - which is not really Gloucester?
  8. Am I right in saying that the red key is in extremely expensive to replace??
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  9. That red key is your emergency and the one they need to supply a new fob. Don't lose it!
  10. Yep PerryL, the dealer at Staverton, do you know them?
  11. Why would the finance company be on the v5 as the registered keeper? If it was bought pcp when it’s handed back wouldn’t it be traded out in which case those in between the first owner and the next buyer wouldn’t be on the v5?
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  12. Could have been bought as a company vehicle.

    Anyway, unless you can get either get it really cheap or get an acceptable answer to every question you have, I’d say there’s enough red flags here to walk away.
  13. It could be a repossession which is why the finance company name is on the V5.

    Either way that would suggest the previous owner did not have sufficient funds to look after the bike properly.
  14. If the finance company is the registered keeper on the V5 it could well have been a finance repossession. In which case if the bike was lifted from the last owner/keeper that might explain the lack of keys and handbooks. Then the dealer bought it that way from the finance company..?
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  15. You must be getting this a good price if you’re prepared to go through all this trouble and worry.
    Hold on to your cash until you are fully satisfied with your purchase

    Buyer beware, I think there’s a Latin translation for that!
  16. Caveat emptor isn’t it?
  17. You know it is!
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  18. It’s clearly a repo. If the price is right and you can get the keys (at least) then why not? But I’d want the keys as a minimum.... as said above the panniers may have a different key of off a different bike, it’s possible.
  19. I thought Ducati did away with that red key business years ago? My 2018 V4S didn’t have no god dayem red key. Just gone all yank key
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  20. Sounds like a lock has been replaced by a non Ducati installer,, for whatever reason.
    Could have been stolen and the ignition lock was damaged.
    Ducati replaced my ignition lock under warranty, also replaced the tank and seat locks.
    re programmed the immobiliser.
    I would suggest if you cant get a straight answer on why the locks are different, walk away.
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