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New Bike Time!

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by carson, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. In my youth I would agree with this.
  2. That looks sweet
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  3. Tidy bike.
    Goes well, handles nicely, gently massages your testicles whilst riding...

    what more do you want?
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  4. Just what the doctor ordered
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  5. Hello Robert , fancy catching you here
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  6. Woohooooooooo. Sweet ride! Congrats.
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  7. So how was it?
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  8. it’s good mate, I find it very similar to my 1299S that I had. Not convinced that it’s as good as the gen 4 Beemer I’ve got but it’s a close call. I think once I get an exhaust and have it flashed it’ll be much better.
  9. You just riding it on the track or the road aswell?

    I’ve got a test ride on the BMW lined up in the coming weeks but need to check with the local Yamaha dealers if they have an R1 demo bike.

    The BMW looks a lot more compose/fast/practical but maybe a little sterile in comparison.
  10. The Beemers the best bike I’ve ridden mate, it’s does everything so easy but I understand that might not be for everyone buts it’s proper rapid as well. The R1M handles beautifully though, arguably better, hard to say.
    I’ve only ridden the R1M on the road but I’ve had the gen 4 on the road and track and it flatters me.

  11. 4 months on. What’s the verdict on the R1?
  12. Done a few bits and pieces with this while I’ve been off lately:

    Akrapovic can with MHP titanium decat pipe and exhaust servo removed.
    Carbon frame covers
    Brembo RCS 19 master cylinder and matching Brembo clutch lever
    Carbon exhaust cover on the belly pan
    Gilles MUE2 limited edition rearsets
    Carbon rear hugger
    Carbon chain guard

    9F6502F5-FD85-423C-8A84-F70C30297430.jpeg 6D260D26-D210-48EB-BC6C-4955BE82BAFB.jpeg AD78CC09-70A2-4C03-8327-672423FCA386.jpeg 8E6D41B1-12EA-41B6-B782-6B87D7A0B40A.jpeg 6650300B-30E2-4216-9A25-629E2E16BD4D.jpeg 030C63E6-650F-42E3-9937-ABA357C019E3.jpeg 60BA65A7-D1B6-41D6-ABCE-53AB8FAC1678.jpeg

    Next up is a remap and fit the Translogic QS that I removed from the track bike.
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  13. I’ve not ridden in much mate. Did 300km in one day on it in Spain and couldn’t walk or straighten up for 3 days! It’s brilliant to ride though, so much fun and made me sell my Gen 3 S1000RR to fund another R1 for the track only.
    Don’t know if you’ve seen my thread on the R1 track bike but it’s awesome, just gelled with it instantly and beat my PB at Cartagena which was on my 899 by 5 seconds in 1 day, first time out on it.
  14. Forgot to say that I took the Michelin's off that the bike came with and replaced them with some Metzeler Racetec K3s. I've never been a fan of the Michelin's and they screw my head up!
  15. so you got 2 r1s now mate??

    bet that exhaust sounds epic on the r1m bud
  16. D92E768D-72C5-4917-ADCC-BCC3BC90E5F8.jpeg
    Yeah mate - R1M for the Road and a 2016 R1 for the track, plus still got the Gen 4 S1000RR

    D0CE6032-C70D-4860-897F-E5B5895DBB8A.jpeg DA9492C6-F7B0-4F11-A005-6E13557804C7.jpeg D92E768D-72C5-4917-ADCC-BCC3BC90E5F8.jpeg
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  17. very nice mate, i need to test ride a new r1
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  18. Don’t think you’d be disappointed. I found it really similar to my 1299S
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  19. I keep toying with thinning the fleet and just have one new bike that I can use on road and track. But I love all my bikes
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  20. That’s always going to be the problem.
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