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Featured For Sale New Desmosedici Fg353 Gas Forks

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories & Clothing For Sale' started by Wardybud, Oct 2, 2021.

  1. I bought a set of desmo forks about a year and half ago that had been involved in a crash thinking I would be able to get them fixed up as and when I found the money. This was for my now redundant 1098S build.

    It turns out the only parts that were able to be reused were the top caps, springs and preload tubes, literally everything else had to be replaced. It took a while but I managed to find all parts new and genuine Ohlins, the main parts being:

    - Gold outer tubes (from the factory instead of black)
    - Both Inner tubes (stanchions)
    - Both inner cylinder tubes (tube that piston goes up and down)
    - Both Piston rods
    - Both Piston holders
    - Both fork bottoms (I got the last ones left in existence apparently)
    - Both gas reservoir tubes
    - All internal pistons, valves, seals, o-rings
    - Both fork bottom valves
    - Dust/oil seals and oil
    - Upper and lower outer tube bushes

    Unfortunately, since fixing these I decided to try and cobble a 1098RS together and using these would require modification to both the forks and the triple clamps due to the difference in fork outer tube and axle diameters.

    The parts were sourced and re-assembled by BG Motorsport who are a suspension company based out of Silverstone and were amazing to deal with. I can include the paperwork that I have relating to these.

    I'm just wanting my money back so I can put it towards a set of FGRs which would be plug and play.

    £4200 plus postage and packaging.





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  2. Can't you sell them to Tate Modern?
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  3. Lovely mate!

  4. Gorgeous, bit over the top for my 600ss!
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  5. GLWS
    Already have some on my 1098R..
  6. More Hanky Panky than Ann Summers.:upyeah:
  7. I’d prefer the bike in the background
  8. Oohh lah de fucking dah !!
    Hark at thee with your oem ohlins in a posh frock Richtoria Beckham :joy:
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  9. That's my dad's NSR 250 MC28, it has a custom RC213vs motoGP inspired top triple clamp, JHA exhaust, Brembo M4s with RCS, HRC card with race loom and lights splice, 675r Ohlins forks, samco hoses and a tyga seat conversion. He fully rebuilt the engine himself and got it properly dialled in as well, 2nd gear onwards absolutely rips

    Thanks for the comments folks. The forks are just as nice in real life too lol it's a shame they have to go but it's for the best. Just remember, Christmas is coming up:p



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  10. What you need to be telling them is that your forks are no different to a full fat set of FGR700 or 800 forks other than they have the 56/53 stanchions, and bottoms to accomodate a set of oem spindles, otherwise all they are is a set of oem ducati ohlins with a FGR frock on them, which makes them marginally better than the stock showas of the period.

    tell them this and riches beyond your wildest dreams will fall into your wee lap. :)
  11. Also they are 100mm caliper spacing, so they can use poverty spec calipers.
  12. do you mind... @RickyX has got those on his 1098R.

    They are more than adequate as he weighs as much as sheet of toilet paper fully kitted.

    Did he tell you he has a 1098R?
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  13. The little NSR 250 is gorgeous, but it deserves a nicer set of tyres than Mich power 2s ;):upyeah:
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  14. My compliments to your Dad for his NSR build.

    I guess your forks are ok(ish) by comparison. :)
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  15. stunning nsr. I’ve an mc21 posted on this site. Love them.
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  16. I completely split the Desmo forks before sending them to BG and I've also rebuilt my dad's Ohlins R&T forks. To be honest the quality of the Desmo forks are far superior to the standard Ohlins found on most sports iterations. The piston rods are polished, the the machined piston holders are much more intricate, the caps, Inner tubes and gas tubes are the same as FGRs so they are definitely worth that bit more than normal R&Ts. It would be good to have the billet fork bottoms like the FGRs but I suppose we can't have it all lol

    Indeed the caliper spacing is 100mm which I think most, if not all Ducatis utilise. The right fork bottom has a 30mm diameter and the left has 25mm diameter. The Desmo uses the same spindle as the 999 and again the triple clamp diameters are 53mm upper, 56mm lower which can really be used across all models provided you have the right triple clamps. I don't have an axle but I can throw in a titanium axle nut and do a deal on Brembo M4 calipers in good condition if someone wishes to buy the forks.
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  17. I have a set of these type forks on my 996 track bike.
    Fully admit they were bought for the bling, but I was pleasantly surprised to find they were a step up from the ohlins fitted previously which had k-tech internals and were set up for my weight.
    Even with my basic fiddling they were much more responsive and fantastic under heavy braking
  18. Good to hear and hopefully reassuring to folk that are interested that these aren't just a gimmick.

    I should probably add that the forks need no work what so ever, however, in order to make them fit, I believe you will need a 999 axle and Desmo caliper spacers which are 12.5mm thick. If you're lucky enough to have a 1098R or 1198SP the right side will need 7.5mm caliper spacers due to the TC mount. Both axles and spacers are relatively inexpensive and easy jobs. The axle is still compatible with 1098/1198 wheels.
  19. @RickyX has got a 1098R.
    Did he tell you he's got a 1098R with a set of these on it?
    A set of these on a 1098R, that's what Ricky's got.
    did he tell ya? did he, did he? :D
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