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Diavel New Diavel 1260 Review

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by El Toro, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. As most on here know I’ve been toying with the idea of switching from sports bikes to a Diavel since 2014 when I first test rode one. At the time I said it was a brilliant bike but after a few hours it was uncomfortable on my coccyx. However the yearning (if I can call it that) for one hasn’t diminished over the past 5 years.

    When Ducati launched the new one last year I decided to put a deposit down on one (1260S) but with the proviso that if I didn’t like it when it actually rocked up that I could cancel. Added to that is the fact that we’ve since moved house and my garage space has shrunk and I need it to fit in the garage with my other bike and other stuff I’ve got in it. The dealer agreed. :)

    Anyway after a few false starts (moving house, shit weather, personal commitments etc) I finally had a full day with the base model today. I managed to cover over 260 miles during the day and purposely covered motorways, A roads, B roads, potholed roads, steep roads, shitty roads etc etc. I also took it home to check I could get it comfortably in the garage, which thankfully I could :)

    So how did it perform? Was it as good as I remembered or was I wearing rose tinted glasses?

    I am pleased to report that it was better than I remembered. :)

    Firstly Ducati have magically moved the CoG so it’s a helluva lot easier to move around at a standstill. I couldn’t move the old one unless I was sat on it and paddled around. The new one, even at 244kg fully fuelled, was easy to push around as well as a doddle sitting on it. So that was a big plus in my book.

    Secondly this bike is a hooligan bike. It goes like stink and pulls like a train in every gear. It is certainly more than capable of embarrassing many a sports bike.

    Handling wise it is fantastic. Looking at it you would think it shouldn’t do what it can. It is so light on the move and it goes round corners like a dream. I did a bit of roundabout surfing and reckon that if I’d got my leathers on I’d have been able to get my knee down. Or pretty close at least ;) The fat rear tyre does not inhibit handling at all.

    The brakes were sharp as hell too and did get used on a couple of occasions as unfortunately some drivers are idiots that really shouldn’t be allowed to drive. And cornering ABS is good too (I’m used to this as my Scrambler 1100 sport has it too).

    Comfort wise they’ve also sorted the seat. I spent 7 hours solid on the bike and it was very comfortable indeed. So that was that box ticked too.

    Unfortunately this was just the base model so I couldn’t test the quickshifter/auto blipper which the S has. Oh and cruise control is great too.

    The one little niggle I had, which I’ve been told I’ll get used to, is that I occasionally switched the high beam on as the switch kind of overhangs the grip.

    So how many out of 10? From memory I gave the old one a 9 out of 10. This one is definitely better so I’d give it a 9.5 (nothing should ever get 10 in my book as you can always improve things).

    I was definitely impressed, and together with the deal I got for my Panigale I have pushed the button and will get my bike next week (4 S’s were delivered this afternoon, including my tentatively ordered one).

    I’ve also picked my reg number and the bike will be PDI’d over the next few days. I just need to arrange insurance tomorrow and sell a kidney to pay for it and it’s job jobbed.

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  2. I had and loved the MK1 Diavel as you know. I could ride a whole day and feel no discomfort. Mind you, I had a seat modded by Tony Archer in Huddersfield and it was like being sat in an armchair. Like you say Terry, they will embarrass many 'sports' bikes as well. Great all rounder, and now updated with qs and blipper and Ohlins, whats not to like. Way WAY more comfy than a sports job as well. I may get one s/h in a few years, maybe...

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  3. El T

    I understand that its a different bike to the scrambler... but from a top speed perspective - what could you comfortably hold

    For me on the scrambler - I have hit 110 - but 90 is all that is comfortable..

    The MS I could easily hit 140 and 110 + comfortable all day long..


  4. Like most people I don’t exceed the speed limit on public roads :)
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  5. Quite fancy trying one myself actually.

    They tend to get a really good review so somethings definitely right with them, even if it's not a style of bike I'd thought I'd like (if that makes any bloody sense)

    Are they small? As a tall fella would I find it cramped or toy like like the scrambler?
  6. Who said anything about public roads or the UK..
  7. I think you’d be ok. Give one a go, you really will be surprised. But you have to ride it like a sports bike to “get it” :upyeah:
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  8. I tried one a few years ago and like you was impressed how well the thing handled. Saw an 06 plate one yesterday with loud pipes on and it was very well looked after. Got me thinking that in a few years time when I find the Pani too uncomfortable it will be worth another look.
  9. No body believes you unless you post the pics:p all joking aside excellent review
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  10. The newly placed centre of gravity and positioning of the foot pegs make it a very tempting bike indeed.
    Good luck for tomorrow!
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  11. Just make sure you order your replacement rear tyre now lol as they wear quite quickly and were hard to get hold of a year or so ago. Great bike though and I'm even toying with replacing the teutonic uber tourer for a Daivel or PP.
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  12. My beloved XDiavelS is coming to the end of its PCP deal so I am interested in swapping it in for the new 1260S.
    The X is the finest bike I have ever ridden: stunning cruiser looks, fabulous style, lightning fast (for an old scroat), handles pretty impressively and more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at.
    The only down sides are battered kidneys when riding over our wonderful UK pot-holed roads, and a hooter straight off a Mobilette.
    I took a 1260S for a test ride recently and absolutely loved it. The handling was even better and the power delivery awesome. I still think the XDiavelS is the better looking bike but Finances permitting a trade-in is definitely on the cards.
    Anyone fancy a 2016 XDiavelS with 10,500 miles on it?
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  13. This is great, thank you!

    My 2016 Diavel Carbon os ready to move on so I have just, today, test ridden the Panigale V4 S... What a machine... easier to ride than I expected and obviously everyone is aware of how capable the machine is.

    However, I got back on my Diavel to ride home and I was happy to be back on my Diavel.. so I'm off to try the 1260S now... with a view of putting my deposit down if I can find a good deal!
  14. Loved mine, will look to get the new one in a few years.
  15. Further to my original review above, Ducati Manchester now have the Diavel 1260S on the demo fleet so you can experience all the toys (including up/down QS).

    You will be surprised at how good this bike is.
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  16. Question for new daviel owners, did you have to buy drainpipe jeans to stop your trousers flapping about from the wind going up your forward facing donalds?
  17. The new Diavel is feet down. The XDiavel is feet forward.
  18. Just a bit of an update for those that may be interested given that I was asked some questions by a member that was interested:

    Q: So was it worth the swap?
    A: Very difficult question as I loved the Panigale, but I am future proofing I think.

    From a performance pov it is more than enough of a match to the Panigale on the roads which is where I do my riding. Handling is superb too. The only thing from my perspective is the sheer bulk of the thing as it takes some muscle to move it around at a standstill (like getting it out of the garage if you see what I mean). It is 70kg/11 stone heavier than the Panigale which is a lump. But you really cant tell when it's on the move (even slow round town) as it is very nimble indeed. In that situation it's also easier to move around when you are sat on it and can paddle it about. And I can do that as the seat is quite low in comparison to the Panigale where I was on my tip toes.

    I love the look too. And it seems the general public do too as it draws attention wherever I am. People refer to it as the "Bat Bike". So in the drawing attention stakes it has that in common with the Panigale too.

    So far, so good. It's handled the roads around here (twisties, fast, slow etc etc) perfectly. I wouldn't take it down a rough gravel road though, and to be fair it's not meant for that. That's where my Scrambler comes in.

    I was out on it last night for a couple of hours to get some miles on it before it has the first service on Saturday and I have to say that it does take me 5-10 mins to get used to it, whereas I can jump on the Pani and the Scrambler and just razz about from the off........but I think that is just me being ultra careful because of the bulk of it......... it will take a few weeks I think to get my head around it. And it is just a mental thing, I'm sure, as I've not been able to ride it as regularly as I would normally do because of one thing or another (for example I didnt use it over the weekend as I was up in Scotland with family).

    Q: If so what are the best bits and did you get any deal ?
    A: Best Bits? Well the performance and handling are brilliant. Torque is fantastic! It pulls like a train in any gear. I also like the cruise control and have used it a few times when I have been in average speed camera territory.

    Cornering ABS is good (I have that on the Scrambler so I knew what that'd be like). Traction control is standard stuff, wheelie control....not had to use it, power launch.....not used it and I'm not sure if I'd have the balls to anyhow.

    The QS is excellent. I had an up-shift on the Panigale so knew that'd be good but I am liking the down-shift too. I've not had that before so it does take some getting used to. But it's excellent.

    I've not got into the multimedia stuff yet though I have connected it to my iPhone and it all seems to be there.

    The only negative I would say is that there was, (and I stress "was" as it seems to be diminishing from last nights ride) a slight pinging noise from the cat when throttling off. This pinging noise was slightly off putting and made me enquire into getting a Termi system fitted.......but at £2600 fitted, it'll have to wait until they can do me a deal.

    As far as a deal being done is concerned that was done by "slight of hand"........by that I mean they kept the Diavel's RRP the same, but offered me a grand more on the Panigale than I reckon I could have got privately. So that kind of worked. I also opted to pay cash rather than go the PCP route as when I crunched the numbers over a 3 year period it made about £400 difference but at the end of the term I'd have an "asset" at least.

    So all in all, I am still getting used to it as it is completely different to anything I've ever been used to over the past 40 years. But it is a great bike. It really is. :)

    Hope that helps anyone that is considering making the change. :)
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  19. Thanks
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