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Diavel New Diavel 1260 Review

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by El Toro, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Going to Mugello on the Diavel? Or did I misunderstand this? If you're going over the Alps, bear in mind that it's still snowing at 1'000m, so you probably won't be.
  2. I’ve now done 854 miles, but I’m now not taking it out till it goes to Italy for the Mugello trip at the end of the month. I suspect and experience tells me, that after 6 days riding in Italy we’ll have added at least another 1000 miles by the time the bike is shipped back to the UK.

    I’m getting about 120 miles before the light comes on, so probably 135-140 to the tank. But I guess like most bikes it’ll depend on how you ride it. For example the average I got on my Panigale was 120 miles to the tank, and the worst was 80 miles when I thrashed it a couple of times.

    The only issue to date was getting a screw in the rear tyre after the first 2 weeks. And the standard can used to make a “pinging” noise when throttling off. However that seems to have disappeared after about 550 miles. However it still doesn’t sound as throaty as Termis, so I’m waiting to see if and when the dealer can do a deal.

    If you’re coming to the Peak District then let me know and perhaps we can meet up, as I live at the northern edge of the Peak District in Holmfirth. :)

    And Wales is definitely on the cards subject to timings.
  3. The Diavel is being shipped out along with another 21 bikes (we’ve done this for the past two years). The luggage goes with the bikes and we just rock up to the airport with passports and tickets. When we arrive at the airport we get picked up by coach and are taken to the transport depot, pick the bikes up, get togged up, luggage gets taken by coach to the hotel and we ride there. Then we use the hotel as a base for riding out each day.

    All in, shipping the bikes, flights, with 3-4* hotel b&b, food, drink, fuel, tickets to Mugello etc it’ll cost somewhere in the region of £1500-1700 for the week which I don’t think is too bad. :)
  4. Sounds more than reasonable. It would cost you more if you rode there.
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  5. Almost! I managed to get away with a couple of well placed bicycle clips. Every cruiser owner should have a pair :joy:
  6. I have to say that sounds a VERY good price and an excellent plan. Personally I would prefer to do the miles on the bike but the missus wouldn't be so keen. Plus once you add the time off work to drive down, it starts to become a big old holiday.
    Its too late to arrange anything this year but it's certainly something I would consider for 2020. I'll be back to pick your brains El Toro!
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  7. We still do 1200-1400 miles in a few days. And the beauty is that we are riding great roads the whole time we are there and no just plugging away on a motorway for two days getting there and two days getting back (never mind the fuel costs, worn tyres and additional accommodation costs that go hand in hand with that)
  8. Yes I can certainly see the sense in that. Nothing worse than plugging away on a motorway for x hours just to "get you there".
    The other half would happily let me out to play on the bike for a few days while she enjoyed the spa, pool cocktail bar, etc.
    Sounds like a win-win to me. :upyeah:
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  9. Thank you El Toro.
    Much appreciated...although I dont see the Isle of Sheppey on their list of exotic get-away locations - Missed opportunity I reckon.
  10. Last night I thought I’d try and remove the baffles to the standard exhaust.

    It looked like it was gonna be a simple job given you only have to take off the end cap using torx keys and then release the baffle from the inside of the pipes.

    Wrong. The first part taking the caps off was easy, but the baffles aren’t separate. They are part of the cat box. Which is a bugger.

    So if you want a meatier growl to your exhaust tone then it has to be all out and replaced with a Termignoni system. Which at £2700 fitted is a tad rich at this stage given I’ve just forked out for a new house and I’m having an extension built now.
  11. Ive spoilt myself & gone for the Termi's on the 1260S so it won't be an issue. But I asked about putting on a charging cable for my Optimate, which I have been using on the X Diavel S. However I was told it will negate the warranty. A Ducati charger is another £88 plus VAT! : unamused:
  12. A Ducati charging cable is standard, and is under the seat.
  13. £2700 fitted?!

    £2k fitted... booking her in next week... need that Termi noise back in my life ... standard cans are still too tinny for my liking, now done 1500miles
  14. ET what’s wind blast like at 80?
    The same more or less as your Pani or a lot worse?
  15. They’ll have got a few bought together to do that deal. I could have had a system fitted for £1800 if I’d jumped at the offer when they had half a dozen together.
  16. You are quite correct El Torro, the cable comes as standard. I wanted a cable for my optimate but using that would negate my warranty. The only option is to buy a Ducati trickle charger unit that costs £88.
  17. I have some reservations about that - I don't see how using a non-OEM trickle charger can a) cause any problems or b) affect the warranty.
  18. Whoever told you that is having a laugh at your expense. The option is to buy an adaptor link with the Optimate male plug on 1 end and the Ducati charger plug on the other. I bought mine from a Kawasaki dealer. Andy
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  19. As @Android853sp rightly says you can get an adapter from eBay - probably around a tenner.
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