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Diavel New Diavel 1260 Review

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by El Toro, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Many thanks for the advice. As you can probably tell I am a complete buffon when it comes to motorcycle electronics
  2. No this is a summer long deal, however my favourite Ducati workshop happily matched the price and ordered the exhaust in for me as they don’t hold stock of parts.

    PM me if you’re interested.
  3. Neither can I, but if that's what the dealer is telling me do I dare risk it? Chances are I'll buy an Optimate cable adaptor, but not tell anyone. So keep it under your hat!
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  4. I had a CTEK cable fitted by the dealer as already had a CTEK battery conditioner. They had no issues with it , end of the day CTEK pretty much makes all OEM chargers anway
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  5. El T - or anyone else with 2019 Diavel... what is the headlight like in the dark... how does it compare to say a Multistrada S...

  6. 1. No idea - in case you've not noticed we've had light nights for the past couple of months ;)
    2. No idea - I've never owned a Multistrada

  7. A. Its dark at 3.30AM... even now....
    B. Well you missed out... still time to get a 3rd bike to remedy that though... now you have a new room for it :)

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  8. Hi

    To me the lights are very good, however I’m comparing to my previous 2016 Diavel.

    Much more confidence in the dark ... Wider light dispersion and much greater projection distance... on par with a car ... perhaps.
  9. A car with one light obviously lol
  10. From what I've had a chance to experience they are not bad. Now had the bike ride hight set at runinining in the ground is well lit and you can even see it in dusk. Maybe not as powerful as a BMW GS with spot lights but still very good. Far better than my old xsr700
  11. Thanks guys

    I had the Multi S and lights were great... now a Scrambler - with additional spots to make up for the candle called a headlight...

    Don't think Diavel would suit spots.. hence the question - I ride early for fun and to avoid traffic... minimise chance of accident.. so lights are important to me.. hence the question. Thinking of a change....
  12. Thought theses bikes were to ridden during daylight hours. Maximum exposure to others. Plus easier to look at yourself going past big shop windows.
  13. I try to avoid mirrors and reflections.. :(
  14. Absolutely, If I recall correctly that’s straight from the manual
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  15. The headlight on the 1260S is pretty good, giving a long beam and wide angle of light. Much better than my Harley Sportster, but not quite as good as the Harley Street Rod headlight which was awesome.
    Ive never ridden a Multistrada so can't compare
  17. Glad you like it, Ive just done my first 500 miles on a base 2019 1260 Diavel, i was riding a 1200S Multistrada before which I thought was a very good bike....this is just so much better....everything I can think of, handling, speed, comfort all much better...I know its a different bike, but I was really shocked how different it was. Ive just read the other post that you purchased...I opted for PCP....just too good to be true @ £120 per month, so I thought I would try it...and I can choose something else At the end.... a 2022 model maybe :)
  18. I “liked” it...........after 10 months I decided that it was too heavy and cumbersome to move around the garage from a standstill, and despite trying to convince myself otherwise it was too similar in riding style to my Scrambler 1100 Sport. Still a great ride but I decided that my Scrambler was more of a keeper.

    Added to which I was missing having a sports bike and so when the V2 was launched I decided to sell the Diavel, buy the V2, bling it up a bit, and bank £2k in the process.

    in conclusion I did like the Diavel but I love my V2 and Scrambler 1100 Sport. I now have the best of both worlds :)
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  19. I found them to be good, and slightly brighter that my 2015 1200S Multistrada Touring...I miss the cornering lights I had on the MTS though, but otherwise they are very good IMHO :)
  20. See the base 1260 model mentioned at the beginning of the thread. As aMutley 1200 dvt owner looking to go to a Diavel, Is the base 1260 still a good buy? Can't stretch the wonga to an S really. Thanks.
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