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New Goldwing

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Symon Moore, May 24, 2020.

  1. How is this even a bike? What the actual f...

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  2. There is a point to it...i think they friggin hideous
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  3. much earlier 4 wheel prototype:

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  4. It can always be worse...

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  5. apparently it’s very good
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  6. Good at what? Seriously you might as well get in a car. Utterly defeats the point of riding a motorcycle imo
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  7. Is that the Dustbincade version?
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  8. I think the new Goldwings are electronically limited to 112mph, the same as the new Volvo car range
  9. Quite hard to spot the difference really
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  10. DSC_0023.JPG
    The original was way nicer and actually a surprisingly good bike.
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  11. Agree with @Hughdg

    Remember way back a guy who lived near my girlfriend at the time had one, I had a Triumph T-160 at the time. It was really quick in its day, used to leave the Strumpet standing.

    Never understood all the bloat on all the models after, guess Honda were targeting the US market and particularly Hardley Movin' Son. A lot of Umerikans seem to like that style, if I had one I'd not be able to move it out the garage they weigh that much.
  12. I’m not sure most of us would be able to fit it into our garage in the first place.
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  13. I bought a 1200 in 1992 for a holiday down in Antibes and it was great for that purpose but sold it as soon as I got back.
  14. This sort of build brings a form of motorcycling to a group of people who are less physically able and are unable to manage on the traditional 2 wheels. I have a friend in his 70s who still likes to ride (a Harley) and has a wife who enjoys touring. He cannot manage with a pillion so has a Harley based trike as well that gives them an opportunity to enjoy life together doing something they really love. I fully anticipate looking at that option when I am no longer able to manage the Multistrada. Sod looking at a smaller bike, absolutely no substitute for cubic inches :cool: Andy
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  15. I know what you mean, but an high power convertibile is far more appealing to me personally. Though I might be biased - I've owned one pretty much for the last thirty plus years.

    Power to the Honda Goldwing folks if thats what they want, whatever floats your boat I guess.
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  16. Strangely enough I also have a T160 and although I haven't ridden it for several years now, from what I remember of it I would say that it probably isn't as quick as the Goldwing although in fairness it is only 3 cylinders and 300cc (approx) smaller capacity.
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  17. Pics of the Strumpet por favor senor!
  18. DSC_0017.JPG
    Currently having some work done, at least it was three years ago when I last pulled it outside. o_O
    15910304240004354711591585102971.jpg 15910304032396634380347679130576.jpg
    As you can see it has had better days but at the moment it's another job that needs finishing.
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  19. I'd put Goldwing riders in the same catagory as Harley riders ;):joy:
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