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New Land Rover Defender

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by noobie, Sep 10, 2019.

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  1. Would have the Toy-Motah any day :D
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  2. Both would look great on the school run.
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  3. ..you read the dailyfail, oh dear!
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  4. The new Chelsea tractor for all the toffs nationwide:upyeah:
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  5. I read many outlets, I try not to restrict myself to commie.com & the daily tin hatter :D.

    I followed another link someone else posted in another forum to their motoring section. The fj cruiser would still be my choice if they were not so expensive to import.
  6. But can you unbolt the roof and doors in a few minutes, and fold the windscreen down onto the bonnet?
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  7. Looks like a disco to me...
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  8. This one has the ruggid good looks for me just like the nineties ducati's:upyeah:but i'm sure the new generation models will be great.
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  9. They missed a trick with some of the styling cues. Stuff like the original doorhandles could have worked as a retro touch. The relationship between the A pillars and the roof are very "MINI"... It's an expensive lifestyle vehicle for the well-heeled. I imagine very few dead sheep will be hauled in the back of them, with most farmers I know now having an Isuzu, Nissan or similar pickup truck instead of an LR.

    That said... I co-incidentally have just dipped my toe in the LR camp after many years of idle hankering. Got a '59 Series 2 to play with. Drives like a ride-on mower, but perhaps not as performant and a bit clankier. Does make you feel like you're operating the machinery that makes the world turn though. It pleases my inner-child.
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  10. Door handles?

    The first ones didn’t have any: not on the outside anyway. They had a triangular canvas flap in the door to push your arm through and use the one on the inside!

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  12. Fair enough, I fell into the pedantry trap... I was meaning post Series 1, but yes you're right the original didn't have them.

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  13. I've a friend that has a 1964 2A in blue one & get to drive it once a year and what interesting gear changing.:eek:
  14. 6 curry hooks. :grinning:

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  15. I like the look of it but it will be a bag of shite like the rest of the range. I have had a defender a disco and a range rover and they all cost me a small fortune.

    Now that Toyota is a different kettle of fish!
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  16. And can you drop both axles In an hour and replace with discovery ones with a Salisbury diff... doubt it but I bet it connects to fakebook and twatter absolutely fine.
    They should be ashamed of themselves using the defender name.
    It will just be another over priced crap suv that sells itself without credentials to the millions of lemins waiting to pcp their lives in to non existence.
    Oh and the geriatric caravan brigade will love it
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  17. Mrs EPJ has a Disco Sport from new. The electrics make Ducati look good.
    Still a great car though.

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