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  1. Excellent, cheers :)
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  2. She takes some pleasing that one. Welcome.
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  3. Welcome to the forum enjoy
  4. Welcome and enjoy!
  5. Welcome, and you’re doing brilliantly so far, keep up the good work :upyeah:
  6. I've received the first part! battery.jpg
  7. It's almost here...

    749 onderweg.JPG
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  8. Welcome along nice bike
  9. It has arrived!

    The bike has been British for the first years of it's life actually, it was owned by a bloke called Mark from Newbury and serviced by On Yer Bike (nice name) in Westcott according to the documents. Anyone know him? :p


    Also, I'm idiot, that battery I bought is too thick. Had to be an YT12B-BS instead of YTX12-BS. Ofcourse I only found that out after filling & charging it... :thinkingface:

    What's the first thing you do after getting a new bike? Open 'er up ofcourse!

    I wanted to check the state of the belts, they're long overdue a replacement. They look their age, but at least they're not solid plastic or cracked yet, so I think I can at least ride it to the shop for a new set of belts & valve-adjustment instead of sticking it in a trailer :)
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