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Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by vanduc996, Feb 13, 2021.

  1. I'll be spending most of my time in this neck of these woods ( 916 area ), so I thought I'd introduce myself..
    As my handle suggests, I'm based in Vancouver, Canada, and have an '01 996 S ( N. American S, not the fruity S that you lot were fortunate enough to get. More on that later )
    I've spent the last 13 years over at Ducati.ms. Thought I'd check out this slightly more Euro centric Ducati forum as well.
    I believe I'm supposed to have some garbage bins in my intro pics, or something like that..? Best I could come up with were storage bins in the background of the first pic
    IMG_0813.jpg IMG_0824.jpg
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  2. Looks like a few nice mods there.
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  3. Welcome.
    Nice fat pipes on that!
    Does it have a single headlight?
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  4. I'm way, waaayy deep at this point.
    May as well admit it's a full on addiction at this point
    Hello, my name is vanduc, and I'm a Ducaholic..
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  5. Yeah, the headlight housing and headlight were far too heavy so they had to go.
    I'm aiming for 180 kgs wet..
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  6. Greetings!
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  7. Welcome, nice stable :upyeah:
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  8. Spill the beans then. What is the list so far and what’s the current weight?
  9. More nuts on this forum than Cadburys chocolate, welcome.:upyeah:
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  10. Welcome Vanduc,

    Nice looking bike. Look forward to reading the spec. :upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:

    What else you got tucked away in there? :p
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  11. Lovely and the storage bins will do for now until you present the proper bins :)

    welcome into our mad house newbie
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  12. Glad you found the place vanduc. :upyeah:
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  13. welcome dude
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  14. Welcome
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  15. Welcome. Nice bike. Bins are the corner stone of life on here. Bikes are just a distraction to draw in the unsuspecting Ducati rider, usually rich and handsome with lovely personalities....
    Reduced the weight of my 916bp by polishing the pillion seat. Lost 60kg and massively improved the handling.:)
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  16. Thank you for all the kind greetings!
    Hmm, well, as far as spilling the beans are concerned... (deep breath),
    Engine is: Lightened to SPS spec, and balanced, '99 SS crank for 1026cc
    Carrilo rods
    Pistal hi comp pistons ( the regular ones, not the r2000, really big hp ones. Couldn't find a set of those)
    Lightly "massaged" heads, sadly not by one of the "gurus" like your man Chris at CJS, or Guy in Montreal. I skimped a little there, on advice from someone else, and kinda regret it now. Valves are standard size.
    SPS cams
    BB231 (um231) for Strada motor with SPS cams
    Standard size airbox
    Akrapovic 45/60mm exhaust
    As much weight as possible out of the clutch, flywheel isn't too crazy light, going with about half stock so about
    0.9 kg, lightened primary gear.
    At this point I've left some power on the table at the top end by staying with standard size valves and airbox. It is primarily a road, occasional track day bike though

    Chassis is: Well, what you see is what you get really.
    Suspension is standard S Ohlins rebuilt and refreshened with springs for my weight, etc
    Body work is all carbon, including tank (not in the above photos ). Standard headlights removed in favour of single projector lamp
    Tried to take as much weight as possible out of the spinny bits like brakes and drive train

    When the above pictures were taken in 2019, I thought the five year long project was complete. Something went wrong and the whole engine had to come apart. I just got the crank back from the fantastic Mr. Fox last week, and the motor with fresh bearing and everything will be back together by the end of March. I hadn't got the bike to scales or a dyno in 2019 when I thought I was finished, but when I do this spring I'm hoping for about 180kg wet, and 135hp/80 ft/lbs ish at the rear wheel. Which would put it in 1098 territory power to weight wise. Regardless of numbers, she's going to be a damn entertaining bike to ride, I promise you that much!
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  17. Very nice
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  18. Welcome along
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  19. Welcome and enjoy. Nice!!
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  20. Welcome to the forum
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