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New Monster??? New Frame?

Discussion in 'Monster' started by RexDangerVest, Jul 3, 2020.

  1. I don’t think it’s that and certainly not with me as although I own an S4R it’s only in the last few years that the shape has grown on me. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the first version of the Monster was ugly with that tank which gave it hunchback looks (huge externally, yet hardly holds any petrol) and an enormous round headlamp like a WW2 anti-aircraft searchlight. I’ve also read that the name comes from when the designer showed the prototype to his boss, who exclaimed “It’s a monster!” as he wasn’t exactly enamoured of its looks.

    But, in common with many other “ugly” bikes such as eg: the V Max, GS, Mutley, Hayabusa and 999 (don’t @ me!) it was a bit different and it had character. IMO they got the styling absolutely bang on with the 796/1100.

    This iteration of the Monster is much more offensive in that it’s bland, safe, soullessly and, worse, focus-group-formulated cynically sales-orientatedly bland. It looks like the motorcycling equivalent of a Coldplay song, a Nissan Primera or a Barratt semi-detached house.
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  2. And yeah, I know that “sales” are what companies are all about and therein lies the rub.

    The original Monster wasn’t so much designed as thrown together organically by someone in a shed who had a vision. But that’s probably precisely why it was a sales success, and as we can see from this thread and the one on the Monster forum, is much loved.

    It was a case of “heart over head” (or at least that’s how it felt) whereas this design has no heart as it was conceived in the hard drive of an Audi accountant.
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  4. Spotted one of the new Monsters the other day. I think the rider had extreme envy when they spotted a “proper” Monster heading in the opposite direction. At least that is what I imagined. It sounded a bit weedy with the big standard exhaust too.
    Be interesting to see a higher spec version with Termi. Plus a couple of styling upgrades and it might look ok ?
  5. The fact that you could even hear another bike over your own suggests that you don't have a proper exhaust fitted to yours either!

    Meanwhile, someone has had a bash at making the new Monster, well, a bit more "monstery" https://www.rideapart.com/news/458855/kardesignkoncepts-2021-ducati-monster-render/

    I don't see the point of getting rid of the trellis frame. I get that they had to do that with the Pani V4 as it was costing fractions of a second per lap in WSB races, but that sort of issue is not or at least should not be a consideration with a naked bike.
  6. I wonder if the idea of getting rid of trellis frames a way of getting the buying public ready for electric bikes? let's not kid ourselves, if electric cars are the norm by the end of the decade, electric bikes will have to follow.
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  7. I think it’s more likely that the majority of the public just don’t really care about trellis frames. They take longer to make, they weigh more, if they’re not considered “iconic” by 4 out of 5 potential buyers, what’s the point
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  8. Bloody awful, just bloody awful.
  9. I honestly think that 'pooping-dog' might stick to this iteration in order to capture the impression created by the lines. As in "you know, last of the trellis Monsters, before the MY21 pooping-dog bikes" ...
  10. I think it's lost the character the Monster once was - and didn't someone do a google image search of the new Monster and it came up with a Yamaha Tracer?

    We don't all want / need something with shed loads of power that's fast around a track, we want something that us normal riders can use, has enough power to put a smile on our faces and looks good. On paper, it's similar to an awful lot of other bikes and as it looks like them as well now, why would anyone choose this over a MT09SP for example?

    The Supersport still uses a trellis so it's not as though Ducati don't make them anymore so I'm sure that they could have done something. The fact that the new one saves a bit of weight is fairly irrelevant in the real world, if I went on a bit of a diet I could probably save more weight in a couple of weeks !

    Anyway, my 17 year old is probably the future of motorcycles, he's had a moped, currently on a Cagiva Mito and is been looking at A2 and beyond. We have long discussions about most things 2 wheeled quite a lot of the time (the last one was about the Bimota V-due) so is presumablt the target audience.

    He said "it's not a looker..."
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  11. Ducati have a bit of an issue with the Monster. It used to be the cheapest Ducati and the most purchased Ducati, the entry point to the brand. Then they made the Scrambler and ousted the Monster from its position. They now have to find a place for the Monster. Ducati have chosen to try to attract new young owners to Ducati rather than appeal to existing owners.

    Its nearest rivals are the Triumph Street Triple R, the Kawasaki Z900, the BMW F 900 R, the KTM 790 Duke and the Yamaha MT-09. This picture shows all these bikes.


    Whilst the new Monster may be aimed at a younger riders that doesn’t really excuse it looking rather generic and having nothing particularly distinctive about it. I agree that the specs look good and I am sure that it will handle well, but will that be enough to sell large numbers? The Monster should look modern and different enough that it is instantly recognisable at a distance as a Ducati. Unfortunately the new Monster doesn’t do that.
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  12. Right I have started designing what I think the people want having read all the negative press.
    by Laava, 7
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  13. Given the shape of the seat can I suggest that you name it the "Hyperetard"?

    Still no trellis frame and that engine doesn't look like a twin. TRAITOR!!!!
  14. Waaaahhhh, but I'm only sevennnnnnn!
  15. It does however, innovatively, have the exhaust linked thru the front forks!

    My grandson started drawing this for me today, I have to confess it is not my work...
    But just incase exhaust powered suspension becomes a thing, I have been advised to say "patent pending!"
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  16. I'll stick with my Model T. Surely there cant be anything better?
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