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Featured New Road Bike For 2024

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by carson, Mar 4, 2024.

  1. I’ve been thinking about a new road bike for a while now and test rode the Diavel V4 and Streetfighter V4S last summer. Both bikes were amazing but the prices were pitting me off a bit.

    in the end I’ve ended up going for this - Brand new 1290 Superduke R with a 4 year warranty from KTM and £3k off the list price.


    Haven’t seen it yet as it’s been delivered while at work and hence the lack of pictures. Bring on the decent weather!
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  2. By all accounts buying a KTM is like buying a DFS sofa, you’d be very unlucky if you paid full price for one. Leave it a couple months and they’ll be discounting the new 1390.
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  3. looks a beast enjoy and report back
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  4. Cheery…
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  5. Just remember GT owners getting shafted a few years ago when they slashed the outgoing model £4-5k, one of my mates included. Seem to recall he paid like £15k for it and then a few months later KTM were selling them for £11k with free performance parts.
    (The new GT was a big update though and suspect KTM built too many of the outgoing ones?)

    bloody good bike though and you haven’t paid full whack for it so you’ll be alright :upyeah:
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  6. For all we know maybe the OP doesnt care about what it might be worth and he just wants to celebrate his purchase and enjoy it?!
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  7. Sounds like a good deal tbh.
    Currently looking for a new bike to replace the GS. But not like for like. Trying to move away from big and heavy (though imo it is best at what it does..) and searching for a naked or semi naked, something that can have a small screen fitted to take wind blast off. Yes, I know what a naked is btw, but neck and shoulder got buggered in a car crash so I need to reduce wind blast.
    KTM have similar deals here in France, discounted and tech pack, plus 4 year warranty on the 1290. Seems like a deal to me.
    Especially like that colour scheme in the flesh! :rolleyes:
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  8. Thats a corker. Youre gonna love that mate. Enjoy!
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  9. But sadly what some buyers have experienced historically. KTM have a reputation, whether genuinely earned or trial by social media, for higher depreciation when compared to some other brands. Doesn’t take away from the fact that most owners really enjoy their KTM’s. Andy
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  10. I bought one s couple of months ago, not really had chance to ride it yet. Did you go for the tech pack
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  11. I had a gen 1 SDR 1290, awesome bikes, mine never missed a beat in 2 years, several trackdays as well. Enjoy :upyeah:
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  12. Picked mine up last October, 4k off, couldn’t say no
    Only managed 300 miles so far but did get a good session in on the demo bike
    Roll on spring IMG_2948.png
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  13. It’s not any different from the reputation given to Ducatis that they’re over priced and unreliable or that GSXRs are for the rainbow brigade, again fair or not.
    I’ve not ridden the KTM but my wife had a new Duke and never had any issues with it.
    It definitely seems good bang for your buck on paper and when you compare it to the price of the Streetfighter it was a no brainer for me.
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  14. I never got the Tech pack fitted mate, I was in a rush to get the bike before heading back to work which turned out to be a waste of time anyway but I’ll get it booked in before the summer starts, depending on the run in time.
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  15. Whadda you mean gixers are for the rainbow brigade? I’m off in a hissy fit now you bitch. :weary_face:

    Hope you get much pleasure from the new bike. I like em.
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  16. Have you ridden any other naked (bikes that is) to compare it against?
  17. I would really like one of those - maybe the evo model in that colour scheme .....hope you really enjoy your new bike.

    I went to the dealership at the weekend and spoke about new bikes, before the start of the season. But decided to keep my 1290 Super Adventure (2022 with 12,000 miles on it) - it will be worth much less next year with more miles on it - but so what really.

    I can only imagine what that 1290 motor is like in a small compact bike - rather than a big adventure bike - 4th gear roll-ons must be time to hang on tight :D
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  18. Which is why the OP has bought it now with the 'KTM special winter discount'.

    Never buy a bike hoping to make money (or just lose less) otherwise you will end up disappointed.

    Bikes are to be enjoyed on the roads. That's where you get your money's worth.
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  19. I think this thread has given me a nudge towards a Superduke, Tuono was on the list but dealer is 2.5hours away, cant get my head around the Streetfighter v2 lack of equipment (and price, also the nearest dealer is a multi franchise, care a less outfit..) The KTM dealer is only 20 minutes from me and have always been really helpful when after tyres and seeking advice for registering a UK motorcycle here a few years back.
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  20. I had a Tuono V4 Factory a while back, it was the last model before the TFT dash so 2015 I think. Couldn't fault it but went back to a sportsbike for the road. I've read that the new Tuono is just like the RSV4 except for higher bars and I wasn't after that. By all accounts the Superduke is a different ride altogether.
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