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New Rsv4

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Advikaz, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. Decent enough improvement I'm sure, I don't know why, but it somehow looks like a Tuono, I dunno, has a very upright front and at first I did think it was.
  2. At first glance I thought it was a Tuono as well. Based on the side profile, I prefer the old RSV4 styling.
  3. I’m sure the Factory version will be totally lush, I like the look of it and it looks slightly more comfy than the outgoing model and it’ll still sound absolutely epic !! I’d rather have one of these than a S1000rr.
    Also be very interested to see what a new 1100 Tuono looks like
  4. Was interesting reading, until we get to the end and electronic sussies. FFS.
  5. not your thing then? you know they have a Manual mode where you set them and leave them? which is the same as standard suspension?
  6. Ive had sussy ecu failures in the past. Would never buy it again on any bike. Just an unnecessary "if it aint broke" situation.
  7. Modelled on the baby brother......

    is it available in sick (not sic) yellow?:dizzy:
  8. Not feeling that at all. Rode the previous model and was seriously tempted to buy one. Still one of the best sounding bikes ever though!
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  9. Screenshot_20210115-114235_Chrome.jpg

    Factory as above, grey or white for rr
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  10. From americaw forum
    New 5" dash
    Fuel guage too

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  11. Ohh...it’s not fekkin satin black again is it?? Really don’t like that!

    Last year’s bikes were dull as dishwater with these really dull Matt colour schemes
    2018 / 2019 bikes in the glossy red, black, silver Superpole colour schemes looked the best
  12. These colours are so boring.

    Why not pink, with a 9 inch glittery penis stickered on the side of the fairing, with 2x dildos poking out the side fairing as winglets?

    That’s 44Teeth all over....
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  13. Yea, couldnt believe it myself.
    Thought they would move on from 2020 colour scheme.
    Would like to see what the rr in white looks like..
  14. Don’t know what it is but I really don’t like that, looks like a 125
  15. The Silver version looks the best IMO.
  16. So where’s the picture at then DS?? ...ya big tease!!
    Are you really gonna make me exercise my right finger and search for it on Google ??...doh!! :D:D
  17. Apologies I meant the old now 2019/2020 Silver paintwork my mate has a Tuono in this colour and in the flesh it just sparkles especially on the oh so rare sunny days.

    Other than Dibbles paint job on his Ducati I’m not a great fan of the Satin/Matte production paint works.
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  18. Ahh..got you now, I thought you’d seen the new one in the grey colour scheme somewhere :upyeah:

    I’m not a fan of the Matt stuff either, I’ve only had one Aprilia so far, a 2002 RSV 1000 and I had to buy the gloss red one!

    Matt paintwork triggers my ocd because I can’t polish the sh1t out of them, I’m a bit anal with the polishing, ...ask my mates!:D!!
  19. If you polish it enough it’ll turn gloss eventually :D
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