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1260 New Style Accessory/fog Lights

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Twin4me, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Interested to see the change in the lights on the new 1260 Grand Tour at the show in Birmingham. My initial reaction was they looked like cheap plastic, but on closer inspection the smaller size and black colour were quite nice and they were still made with Aluminium bodies, just the bracket looked a bit cheap. They also seem to be a bit further forward?
    (I really wish I'd known about this model before I bought mine in August.)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. It does look well, Its what made me walk in to a dealer, but the deals on the existing 1260s with free touring pack and a bit of discount, the new one would have been £1900 more just for a nice paint scheme and spot lights?
  3. there are a few other bits on it as well as the touring pack, but it's a good point.
  4. What are the other bits? I didn’t notice..
  5. Assuming that you might not be talking about the newest variant of the Ducati Multistrada, then there's the new 4 year warranty that is being offered on pretty much all newest Multistradas, + GT wider & softer seat, + Tyre pressure monitoring + electronic fuel cap.
    That said, leaving the 4 year warranty to one side, which with previous models attracted an additional £630+, for the extra 2-year privilege, the extra £1900 you have mentioned, wouldn't justify the entire difference.

    Still a terrific looking bike close-up though, but with added attention needed to keep it looking like that with matt paint and all.....
  6. I noticed those spotlights at the show too. Will be at my dealer on Thursday and intend to ask them about them. Might be a Christmas present to myself...
  7. When you find out how much they cost can you let us (me) know please?.
  8. Did you find out the price or the part number???
  9. Didn't bother in the end, other priorities for my cash with impending house purchase and divorce.
  10. They are £330 on the Ducati website.
    Part no,
  11. Insane price. If they're anything like previous Ducati aux they'll be bright to look directly at but won't light up much in front of you. So many serious aux lights available at less cost

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