1200 DVT New Termi Pikes Peak Stylee Exhaust

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  1. Termignoni now selling a new exhaust as per the Pikes Peak Bikes that competed there last year.

    It’s on their Instagram page but not had a look on their website yet.
  2. Now that might be a more appealing alternative, I don't like the current one.
  3. This is total BS as it uses the OEM mid-section. You do know that the silencer is just cosmetic don't you?
    If anything, You want a full system that has a shorter and lighter exhaust silencer.
    Leo Vance had the right approach with some resonators included in their mid-pipe.

    PS. what's with the dark photos?
  4. That is one seriously ugly can. Almost bordering on ridiculous
  5. I totally agree. Termignogni has fallen off the edge of believing they can fool all user's as being stupid.
    Slip-on are already homologated. Hell, a can of Tomato's is homologated.
    They're trying to replicate the look of the Pike's Peak exhaust used by Carlin Dunne which was loud as Fk.

    Where are the moto journalists such as "Baron Has Jizz None" to evaluate the value proposition of such new offering?
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